A Refreshing Experience

Production Machining has a new look as we continually endeavor to enhance our readers’ experiences with the magazine while following our own advice in preaching the value of continuous improvement.

The Precision Machining Technology Show: Live and In-Person!

PMTS 2021 will be one of the first opportunities for the metalworking industry to personally connect during a live event in over 18 months! This industry thrives on personal connection, and seeing how the machining processes work in person. Register today!

Is the German Apprenticeship Model the Answer for U.S. Manufacturing?

This machine tool builder president and CEO is an ardent proponent of the German apprenticeship model and believes this concept could be applied here in the United States to address the skilled labor shortage.

In-Person Parts Cleaning Conference is Promising

I am enthusiastic about a safe, in-person event. I think many of us can use a boost of energy and inspiration that being surrounded by our colleagues can provide.

How to Get Out of Debt by Increasing Gross Margin 20 Cents More Per Hour

No matter your business, the opportunities are virtually limitless and the impact is extraordinary when you focus your attention on improving gross margins.

5 Tips for Developing a Succession Plan for your Machining Business

These are not the typical tips you might get from an estate planner, attorney or business broker. Instead, they speak to the “soul of the business” and the legacy of the owner.

Taking Care of an Industrial Parts Washer

Proper parts washer maintenance is key to a long life for the system and reliable parts washing.

Precision Machining Index Sets Consecutive All-Time High Readings

Throughout 2021, new orders activity has outpaced production, resulting in quickly rising backlog levels and a new all-time high reading, besting 2018’s record.

How AI Will Revolutionize Your Business: 11 Predictions

Artificial Intelligence is already revolutionizing manufacturing. Small- and medium-sized businesses that ignore its impact do so at their own peril.

Precision Machining Index Sets All-Time High

This was the first time since January 2020 that export activity reported expanding conditions.

The ESOP Alternative for Retiring Machine Shop Owners

An employee stock ownership plan is worth considering for retiring shop owners in which handing their companies to their children doesn’t make sense.

Leadership Strategies for the Worst of Times

When times are tough, the frequency and forms of communication we use can make a big difference in the effectiveness of our communications.

The U.S. Industrial Base and National Security

In terms of manufacturing, will the United States look back at the present time and recognize a pivot between greater private/public collaboration and a greater emphasis on national security?

Precision Machining Soars with 6-Point Gain in February

Broad-based gains in business activity near three-year high.

Transitioning to "Made by Machine"

The American Precision Museum is the historical birthplace of the U.S. manufacturing industry. New displays there will tell the story of the transition from “made by hand” to “made by machine.”

Benchmark Your Machining Business

By taking the Top Shops benchmarking survey, you can see how your operation’s metrics and practices — both in the front office and shop floor — compare to leading U.S. machining businesses.

Avoiding Webinar Disasters

Putting together a successful webinar requires a little preparation and know-how. Here are some tips.

Precision Machining Extends Upward Advance Moving into New Year

Rising new orders by constrained production lifts backlog reading to 18-month high

Precision CNC Machining Suppliers You Need to Know

Our 2021 Buyer’s Guide highlights companies offering technology to help precision machine shops become more effective and efficient operations while growing their businesses.

COVID-19 Pessimism Results in Steel Supply Shortages

If inflation continues in light of effective vaccines, manufacturing’s greatest problem may not be one of chasing limited demand, but of limited supplies resulting in empty shelves in the face of wanting buyers.

What Does 2021 Have in Store for the Parts Cleaning Industry?

With a new opportunity to do good things in your organizations this year, I hope you use the parts cleaning section and this year’s and last year’s Parts Cleaning Conference as tools to succeed. 

Two Bits of Good News to Start 2021

The Precision Machining Technology Show has moved from April to August and Production Machining turns 20. These are both good things.

Introduction to Industrial Artificial Intelligence

The systematic implementation of Industrial Artificial Intelligence enables secure data sharing among manufacturers, remote monitoring and operations, managing geographically distributed assets and more.