Screw Machines - Single-Spindle

The historic advantage of single spindle automatic lathes is high volume production. These machines are able to bring several tools into the cutting zone simultaneously To reduce time from tool changing, indexing and other non-cutting movements. As lot sizes have diminished the traditional cam actuated axis motions for these automatics is being supplanted by CNC in many applications enabling faster changeover enabling th lower volume-higher mix demands. In many cases a properly setup cam actuated automatic delivers a faster per part cycle time than a CNC machine. However the reduced setup time from job changeover provided by the CNC machine, often makes the overall job processing time between CNC driven machines equivalent or better than cam actuated automatics. 
Bone taps

Two New Twists on Thread Whirling

Thread whirling as a metalworking process dates to the 1940s. Recently, developments in production speeds, based on this increasingly popular process, are impacting thread manufacturers.


Large Threading with Single Spindle

Oilfield pipes require large, quality threads. This Texas shop is getting the performance it needs from two recently implemented big bore lathes.
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