A New Approach to CNC Turning

This turning process takes advantage of a turn-mill’s B-axis spindle to vary a tool’s approach angle to optimize chip control and feed rates. 

The Precision Machining Technology Show: Live and In-Person!

PMTS 2021 will be one of the first opportunities for the metalworking industry to personally connect during a live event in over 18 months! This industry thrives on personal connection, and seeing how the machining processes work in person. Register today!

Laser Technology "Turns" into a Turning Tool

This new technology uses a laser to act as a cutting tool to "turn" parts from solid barstock. This high-speed precision turning machine is especially useful for micromachining, enabling high accuracy for small, complex parts that are often delicate and difficult to machine when implementing conventional turning processes.
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Data Enables Machines to Tell Their Own Stories

These examples reveal how a data collection system has minimized machine tool downtime and costs while simultaneously offering valuable insights into a shop’s processes.
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Optimize Minimum Quantity Lubrication Control Through a CNC Program

Minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) on a lathe offers many benefits when implemented properly. MQL becomes more of an asset when lubricant and air delivery can be controlled from a CNC program.
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Profilometer Choices

Learn the difference between skidded and skidless profilometers that can be used to measure the surface roughness of machined parts.

Heat’s Impact on Parts Cleaning

Thermal dynamics is important for assisting in the cleaning of a part. Adding heat or energy influences the cleaning process through its impact on chemistry, the water within the washer and its effect on drying.

Measure 3D Parts Without Losing Time

This high-speed metrology and inspection system is said to process complex geometries faster than traditional inspection methods.

Turning to an Adhesive for Lathe Workholding

Adhesive cured by ultraviolet light is an option for securing parts for machining that could otherwise distort when traditional, mechanical clamping techniques are used.

A New Way to Collect and Sort Parts for CNC Machine Tools

This automated parts carousel not only catches and collects parts from a machine but also sorts the parts in bins attached to a rotating table. 

Considerations for Bringing Passivation In House

If passivation is often required by your customers, moving this process in house can save time and money. However, it involves proper chemical handling and safety, compliance, equipment design and setup, and budget.

Network Quickly Connects Machine Shops with Repair Estimates

This network connects service requesters to service providers and can be a fast way for a machine shop of any size to quickly compare estimates.

Benefits of Renting or Leasing an Industrial Robot

Choosing a robot rental or leasing plan might be a wise business decision compared with purchasing a robot outright.

Fast Fixturing for Inspection and Laser Marking

The versatility of the Inspection Arsenal and Laser Arsenal modular fixture plate systems enables fixturing to be built on the individual grid plates. The plates can be easily removed from the magnetic docking rail when not needed.

Automated Hard Turning, Grinding on One Platform

This inverted vertical turning machine can perform hard turning and grinding of chucked components such as gears while loading and unloading material and completed parts itself.

Exploring the Benefits of Reaming for Finishing Bores

How does reaming compare to single-point boring? A supplier of reaming tools compares these processes commonly used to finish bores and offers tips for those considering reaming.

Cobots Gain Ability to Sort and Measure

New tooling that includes a precision robotic caliper extends the applicability of collaborative robots to perform sorting and measuring small parts.

Improve Energy Savings and Efficiency with Vector Kinematics

The rocking, rotational nozzle movement performed by vector kinematics spray cleaning technology combined with temperature and cleaning additives provides an effective, fast and economical parts cleaning process. 

Proper Disinfectant Use to Prevent COVID-19’s Spread

Learning how to choose the proper disinfectant for surfaces throughout your shop and then using it as directed are keys to stopping the spread of viruses such as the novel coronavirus.

CNC Apps You Possibly Didn’t Know You Could Benefit From

Some software capabilities go underutilized. One machine tool builder’s CNC software includes lesser-known apps that shops can leverage to their advantage.

High-Pressure Coolant Improves Profits and Productivity

High-pressure coolant that is efficiently applied to a cutting tool will enable faster, more precise cuts; prevent oxidation of the tooling and workpieces; and prolong the life of a cutting tool. 

Automatically Optimize Your CNC Machining Feed Rates

New feed-rate-optimization technology can enable CAM programmers to reduce cycle times and increase tool life for milling and turning operations.

Electrochemical Grinding Makes a Point

A programmable pointing and material handling system used on electrochemical grinding machines can accommodate a range of needle point designs while eliminating a variety of pre- and post-process operations.