How Champions Can Develop a Thriving Workforce

Having a workforce development champion in your shop is more critical now than ever before. Here are five techniques your champion can apply to attract and retain new talent.

The Precision Machining Technology Show: Live and In-Person!

PMTS 2021 will be one of the first opportunities for the metalworking industry to personally connect during a live event in over 18 months! This industry thrives on personal connection, and seeing how the machining processes work in person. Register today!

Young Leader Focuses on Continuous Improvement

In his five years as business team leader at American Turned Products, Jerry Eighmy, has educated himself about continuous improvement and lean initiatives and how to implement them at both of the company’s locations.

Organized, Driven Leader Transforms Her Organization

“In her short amount of time with the company, she has made the largest positive impact that I have seen in 12 years here.” Read about how Morgan Miller, a 2020 Production Machining Emerging Leader, has influenced C&A Tool. 

Emerging Leader Strives to be an Ambassador for the Trade

“When we have shop tours for students and instructors, sharing the company’s journey and sharing my experiences over time is important,” says Clay Adcock, production manager at Custom Tool and a 2020 Emerging Leader.

Role Model Leads Shop to New Growth

Under Travis Donaldson’s leadership, Donmac Precision Machining Inc. has made extensive improvements, including streamlining its production. Read about this 2020 Production Machining Emerging Leader’s other accomplishments here. 

Leader Modernizes Company with New Technology and Processes

In Gary Sweeney’s 10 years with Everett Industries, this 2020 Production Machining Emerging Leader has taken organically developed engineering and product development systems and transformed them into scalable, reliable, efficient methods.

Quality Employee Passionate About Sharing Her Knowledge

“Galion LLC has always encouraged me in my quest to grow and develop professionally, so I would like to help others do the same,” says Erica Bonen, a 2020 Production Machining Emerging Leader.

Passionate Role Model is the ‘Heart and Soul’ of the Company

“Manufacturing has become more than just a career, but a passion,” says Renee Schroeder, vice president of operations at Smith and Richardson Inc., and a Production Machining 2020 Emerging Leader.

Video: Daily Challenges Emerging Leaders Face

In this video, Senior Editor Lori Beckman asks Production Machining’s 2020 Emerging Leaders what difficulties they deal with regularly.

Leader Hopes to Surpass Family Shop’s Expectations

“As the future owner, it’s my responsibility to garner the respect of my workers and peers, and to lead a prosperous company,” says 33-year-old Cassandra Haupers. “To do so, I must learn from the past and innovate for the future.”

From Youth Pastor to Operations Manager: Joshua Tinney Guides Family Business to New Places

“Joshua consistently goes above and beyond what is needed, always looking for ways to better our company and bring us to the forefront of manufacturing.”

Manufacturing Attracts Young Leaders in Different Ways

Many of Production Machining’s 2020 Emerging Leaders talk about why they chose manufacturing for a career path in this video. 

Quick Learner and Hard Worker Helps Co-workers Improve Skills

“Josh is supremely patient and has been a great resource for the other team leaders, not only answering their questions but taking the time to explain and improve their skills.”

Meet Production Machining’s 2020 Emerging Leaders

This year’s 10 Emerging Leaders have many character traits in common that shine well beyond the buildings in which they are employed. Their leadership skills and willingness to help others grow within their skill sets has proven that the precision machining industry’s future is bright in the hands of these talented individuals.

Emerging Leader Justin Neumaier’s Vast Skillset Contributes to Company Growth

The skills Justin learned from earning his social work degree has helped him in his career as a machine shop manager, according to his nominator.

Emerging Leader Jessica Presutto Increases Sales by 12%

Jessica took on the challenge to expand her skills and knowledge to secure a better future for herself and also to assist customers when she quickly transitioned from administrative assistant to sales manager.

Advanced CNC Training Program Teaches In-Demand Skills

According to these three educational program managers, the Siemens LEAP program gives students experience with basic to advanced CNC machining techniques that employers are using in their shops.

Technology’s Effect on Young Manufacturers

It might be easy to see the productivity advantages created by IIoT tools, but don’t overlook the impact they can have on workforce development.
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Emerging Leader Nathan Neels Empowers his Employees

Nathan’s unique knack for investing in the growth of his more than 50 employees creates a workplace made up of people who feel empowered, cared for and respected.

Production Machining Readers Among “Top Shops”

Modern Machine Shop’s Top Shops program honors shops that fall in the top 20% of its annual benchmarking survey. These Production Machining readers have received this recognition.

Emerging Leader R.J. Reed Carries on Family Legacy of Manufacturing

R.J. explains that his passion and dedication to machine tool technology, discovering solutions and helping customers achieve results drives every decision in his life.

Emerging Leader Andrew Knapp Teaches Novices, Experts

The applications manager solves complex manufacturing challenges for Ellison Technologies while teaching precision machining classes at a community college.