First-Time Visit to WESTEC is a Rite of Passage

WESTEC, featuring the latest in advanced manufacturing technology, including precision machining, additive manufacturing and 3D printing, software and digital technologies, advanced materials, tooling and more, was held at the Los Angeles Center Sept. 12-14.

Bar Feeders & Material Handling / Rotary Transfer Machines

Captive Shop Must Still Compete

Often, a captive shop seems to have it made by job shop standards. In the case of this division of ITW Welding, “work is not given, it’s earned.”


ID and OD Shoe Grinding for Thin-Walled Workpieces

Studer (United Grinding North America) has a solution to the tricky workholding problem of finish grinding close tolerances for roundness and concentricity of thin-walled rings and sleeves or a rolling element such as a bearing raceway. 

Production Machining
September Issue

Taking Shop Management Software on the Road

In a fast-moving shop where every minute counts, efficiency of operation is the key to success. Every time someone must leave his or her workcenter to review workorders, check on status or log into a workorder operation, time is wasted.


Webinar: 3 Smart Ways to Make Your Swiss Parts 4x Faster

Don’t miss your chance to learn about how to increase Swiss parts’ speeds by joining Production Machining and your colleagues for a free webinar hosted by INDEX Corp.


Knowledge Centers

Knowledge Centers are well organized collections of practical information on specific topics. This is the place to go to get grounded on technologies and best practice.

CNC Broaching with a Driven Broach Head

A high-volume OEM for motor shafts switched its keyway broaching process to use the lathe's live tooling capabilities, improving cycle times and reaching the recommended surface feet per minute.

Manufacturing Continues to Advance in Taiwan

Taiwan’s machine tool industry has been playing a significant (and growing) role in the global market for quite a while. The country is the fifth largest machine tool exporter, shipping out as much as 80 percent of its production (about $4 billion annually) to 138 countries.

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