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2015 Precision Machining Technology Show
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On Display

Small-Diameter Indexable Boring Bars with Coolant-Through Toolholders
Rotary Transfer Machine with Non-Rotating Barstock
Scheduling Board Software Offers Touchscreen Interface
Machine Tool Peripherals Optimize CNC Performance & Productivity
Rotary Tables with Small Footprints
Wire Products Available
High-Precision Carbide Cutting Tools for Swiss-Type Automatic Lathes
Modular Turning Center Equipped with Eight Spindles
Toolholding System Promotes Productivity
Aluminum Alloy Meets Environmental Standards
Modular Turning Center Equipped with Eight Spindles
Turn-Mill Center Features Eight-Position Turret
Stainless Steel Miniature Brush Kit
Degreasing Fluid Compatible with Cleaning Systems
Rotary Broaching Attachment Enables Setup Flexibility
Small Drill for Stainless Steel Cutting
Swiss-Type Machine Line Ranges in Size up to 38 mm
Cold Drawn Bar up to 3.5” in Diameter in Various Grades
CAD-Based Metrology Software uses Graphical Tools
Software for Job Shops Handles Orders, Scheduling, Data Collection
Quick-Change System for Form Tools
CNC Improves Machining Performance
Improved Rod and Bar Offers Uniformity
Inspection Unit Takes Measurements in Less than a Second
Large CNC Multi-Spindle
Workholding System Converts Basic Chucks
Inspection System Helps to Eliminate Quality Control Bottlenecks
Cutting Tool Lines for Demanding Drilling, Reaming Applications
CNC Carbide Cutoff Saw and Cold Saw Blades
Angle Heads Feature Twin or Double Twin Sets of Machined Angular Contact Bearings
Microscope Measures Particles to 25 Microns
Slip-Proof Mini Clamping Nut
Miniature Brush Kit Features Stainless Steel Construction
Collets Designed for Swiss-Type Machines
Extra High Chuck Jaws for Better Workpiece Stability
Cold-Finished Steel Bar Available
Custom Shaving Attachments for CNC Machines
Lathe Tool Adapter Uses Polygonal Drive for Stability, Faster Setup
ESP and Mechanical Collector Ensures High Efficiency
CAM Software for Five-Axis Milling, Drilling and More
Copper Alloys Offered
Insertable Form Tool Systems
Bar, Chucking Machine Offers High Accuracy, Part Finish
Triple Action Batch Cleaning System for Challenging Parts
Swiss-Type Entry Level Machine Offers Flexibility
Low-Volume Chip Spinning Also for Small Production
Collets and Guide Bushings with Fully Sealed Collets
CNC Turning Center Enables Multitasking, Automation
Aqueous Cleaner Performs Variety of Cleaning, Drying Processes
Updated CAM System Supports Tool, Fixture Libraries
Bar Feeder for Precision Bar Turning
Discharge Filter for Second-Stage Filtering
Stainless Steels for High Volume Machining Operations
Automated Cleaning Technology Featured
Rotary Transfer Machine Offers Quick Changeover for Small Workpieces
Alkaline Cleaner is Designed to Remove Difficult Organic and Particulate Soils
12-ft. Magazine Bar Feeder for CNC Lathes
Precision Sorting Equipment without Tooling
Workholding System Converts Basic Chucks
Presettable, Quick Changeable Tooling Systems
Metalworking Fluids Offered
Small-Footprint Lathe Provides Maximum Capacity
Parts, Tooling and Attachments for Multi-Spindle Screw Machines
5-Axis CNC Grinder with Extended X-Y Axis Paths
Noise Reduction Kit for Spindle and Drive Gears
Live Demos with Circular Saw Blades
Bore Finishing System Equipped with Robotic Loading
Mobile Unit Cleans Machine Tool Coolants During Production
Automatic Fire Detection and Suppression Systems Offered
Sawing Systems and Circular Saws for CNC Turning Machines
Auto-React Roller Box Allows for High Volumes
Range of Metal Products Offered
Solutions for Miniature Applications
Ultrasonic Process Controller
Ultrasonic Cleaning Unit for Tough Cleaning
CAD/CAM Software for Precision Programming
Transfer Machine Features 24 Stations
Chipbreaker for Small Tool Turning
Wire EDMs Provide Fast, Automatic Wire Threading
End Mills Enable Hexalobular Shapes
Coolant-Through Toolholders Eliminate External Coolant Line Challenges
Precision Gear Solutions Provide Reliable Operation
Sorting Machine Enables Detection of Visual, Dimensional Defects
Solvent-Based Part-Cleaning Systems Optimize Quality
Laser and Conventional Machining All in One Machine
Range of Carbide Saws, Cutters with Job-Specific Geometries
Machine Expands Gundrilling Capabilities for Job Shops
Thread-Rolling System for OD Forming
Broken Tool Detection System Suitable for Swiss-Type
Bar Feeder for Precision Applications
Multitasking Lathes on Display
Support Blade-Style Tooling Designed to Cut Internal Face Grooves
High Torque Retention Knobs in High Strength Steel
CAM Software Enables Multi-Axis CNC Programming
HMC for Four- or Five-Axis Machining of Small to Medium Sized Steel
Stainless, Special Steel Long Products Offered
Magnetic Filtration Systems Remove Ferrous Contamination
Inspection Solutions Offered
Multi-Spindle Machines and Experts on Hand
Electronically Controlled Miniature Tool Detector
Tooling with Adjustable Overhang Length Mechanism
Asset-Monitoring Software Increases Productivity by 20 Percent
Compact Spindles Enable High-Speed Swiss Turning
Used CNC Machines and Bar Feeding Equipment
Multi-Spindle Machine Combines CNC, CAM Automatic Capabilities
Speed Controls Increase Output
Multitasking Turning Centers Equipped with Y Axis
Compact Parts Cleaning Unit Captures Chips for Recycling
Conveyor Washer Combines Wash, Rinse, Blow-off Stages