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The elimination of extra moves is central to successful production, especially when it comes to secondary operations. The ability to machine a part in one setup is crucial to remaining competitive. Tsugami/Rem Sales has addressed this situation with the addition of laser cutting to its Swiss-type lathes. Although the process is ideal for making medical components, additional applications are increasingly being found in markets including aerospace and automotive, where tight tolerances and the machining of intricate features are required.

Six models in the LaserSwiss line are available with 250W and 400W fiber laser cutting systems. One of the Swiss line models carries up to 36 tools plus the laser, while a second model has seven axes and includes a B-axis tool block containing the laser. Learn more about the Tsugami LaserSwiss line by watching this video and reading this article from Production Machining

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The precision machined parts industry relies heavily on various manufacturing sectors to provide growth and profitability. Having intelligence compiled by sources that understand those segments intimately, and predict where they are trending economically, can be of great help for job shops and contract manufacturers as they plan out the year.

Gardner Business Intelligence (GBI) is the research arm of Production Machining’s parent company, and has been established to gather and analyze data from the various manufacturing our publications cover, including machine tools, automotive, moldmaking, plastics, composites and more. GBI’s breadth of industry coverage in print and online makes it a well-connected entity for data acquisition within the manufacturing world.

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Posted by: Steven Kline, Jr. 12. January 2017

Gardner Business Index, Precision Machining: December 2016 -- 53.7

With a reading of 53.7, the Gardner Business Index showed that the precision machining index grew at an accelerating rate for the second straight month. The index has improved dramatically since July when it was only 43.0. In December, the index reached its highest level since March 2015.

New orders grew for the fourth time in five months. Despite a slight drop in December, this index was still at its highest level since May 2014. Production increased for the fourth month in a row. The backlog index increased for the first time since August 2014. This was a strong indication that capacity utilization will increase in 2017. Employment increased for the second month in a row and at the fastest rate since July 2015. Despite continued contraction, the export index was at its highest level since March 2014. Supplier deliveries continued to lengthen. 

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Posted by: Chris Felix 11. January 2017

2017 PM Buyer’s Guide

The digital edition of our January issue, our annual Buyer’s Guide, is now available. This issue, obviously different from our normal monthly editions, works hand in hand with the other formats. In particular, our online Supplier Directory provides even more in-depth contact information and is continually updated throughout the year.

The print magazine can act as a handy tool to remain in reach for quick reference of contact information for suppliers in more than 30 main product categories and 160 sub categories. The online Supplier Directory covers additional categories and also provides access to supplier showrooms that include direct links to articles and product descriptions. The digital edition, which some may find more convenient to use, matches the print edition exactly.

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As we begin a new business year, it’s always a good idea to evaluate your current approach to building deep and lasting relationships with your customers. Here are the top five timely tips on providing excellent customer service according to Tricia Onesian, an inside sales representative at the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center (MMTC).

1) Smile: Customer service should always start with a smile. When you’re in a face-to-face situation, a warm greeting should be the first thing your customers see. Make a point to smile over the phone, too, because it comes through in your voice.

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