Posted by: Chris Koepfer 22. May 2015

150 Years on and Still Geared for Growth


William Gleason’s company celebrates 150 years. 

Gleason Corporation marks a significant milestone in 2015--its 150th anniversary. Founded in 1865 in Rochester, New York, Gleason is a global leader in gear production technology.

Born in Ireland in 1836, founder William Gleason believed that the post-Civil War railroad expansion in the U.S. pointed to metalworking and machinery as keys to the future. Gleason started a one-room shop with a handful of employees in 1865 and by 1875 he acquired the Kidd Iron Works. 

This move, along with patents he received for several developments, allowed Gleason to focus on the business of gear machining processes. In 1874, Gleason invented the first bevel gear planer, modernizing the gear-making process and spurring a new industry– bevel gears. 

From the start, William Gleason recognized the growth opportunities represented by overseas markets. The first bevel gear cutting machine sold overseas went to Italy in 1877. His daughter, Kate, shared her father’s business vision for international markets, securing orders from England, Scotland, France and Germany during her first trip abroad in 1893.

To commemorate the sesquicentennial milestone, Gleason will host a number of events throughout the year at various global sites, highlighted by a Gala Celebration Event in June for employees, customers, suppliers and community representatives, and the Gear Solutions Forum, a major educational event for customers and other invited guests, displaying the latest in gear technology, in September. Both of these events will take place in Rochester, New York.

More information on Gleason’s 150th anniversary is available on Gleason's website

Posted by: Chris Felix 20. May 2015

May 2015 PM Digital Issue Now Available

Production Machining’s May Digital Edition is now available.

Production Machining’s May Digital Edition is now available. This issue features emphasis topics of Machining Centers and CAD/CAM. This month’s cover story provides a look at how one shop is integrating customized ERP-based techniques to help better manage the business through employee empowerment, accountability and clear, two-way communication channels. Our other feature examines one CAM software supplier’s approach to (and reasons for) simplifying the programming process.

Turn to our Tech Brief section to learn the significance of wear abatement strategies when selecting metal scrap handling equipment. We also delve into the use of wet blasting to produce a quality pre-coat surface on cutting tools, helping to boost tool performance. Our Case in Point goes into a shop that is using indexable coated carbide inserts for longer tool life in difficult to machine materials.

Our May issue also features an Eastec preview section with photos and descriptions of many of the products that are on display at the show.

Take a look inside PM’s May Digital Edition today.


Posted by: Chris Felix 18. May 2015

Promotion Rewards Tooling Users

Exsys Tool Makes it Easy to Score $100.

Exsys is making it easy for its customers to score a quick $100. Each week, with no end date on the horizon, the company is awarding one customer with $100 via a new social media promotion. To enter, customers share what they like most about their Exsys/Eppinger products on social media, whether it be the Preci-Flex system, Decoflex system, Compacto base holders, or one of the company’s latest gearboxes.

For a chance to win, customers can post photos and videos of parts they have made using the products, or demonstrations of themselves working with the tools, to one of the company’s social media pages on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

Exsys employees, who select each week’s winner, are looking for fun, creative entries. Customers are also encouraged to post multiple entries throughout the course of the promotion. Users who don’t feel comfortable posting their creative applications can also participate by posting an Exsys product review on Facebook or Google+. The company will randomly select winners from these review posts.


Posted by: Chris Koepfer 15. May 2015

Add This to your Additive Quest

Among the four keynote speakers at the Additive Manufacturing Conference will be Jay Rodgers whose company, Local Motors, produced the first 3D printed car.  

If ever there was an industry buzz, and I’ve seen many, it’s fair to say few have matched additive manufacturing. It’s become technology that many shops feel compelled to know more about.

This might be your chance. Beginning on October 20, an opportunity to learn more about this emerged technology is being held for 2 days at the exhibition hall in Knoxville, Tennessee. The Additive Manufacturing Conference, presented by our sister publication, Modern Machine Shop, in cooperation with Oak Ridge National Laboratory, will feature four unique keynote addresses focused on the application of AM technologies for making functional components and end-use production parts.

Oak Ridge’s Dr. Lonnie Love will open the conference discussing how his team is “Breaking Barriers in Additive Manufacturing.” Attendees will also be offered a tour of the nearby Oak Ridge’s Manufacturing Demonstration Facility.

Following Dr. Love’s opening address will be Dr. Jason Jones, an international AM award winner from Hybrid Manufacturing Technologies. His address, “Hybrid CNC Machines: A New Platform for AM,” will explore the possibilities of making, repairing and improving parts through hybrid process.

Closing out day one of the conference will be Greg Morris, GE Aviation additive lead, who will report on GE’s advancements in AM for the aviation field.

Day 2 opens with Local Motors CEO Jay Rodgers. His company has received national and international attention for producing the first 3D printed car, which was highlighted and driven at IMTS 2014.

These keynotes are being brought together to report on the state of current AM technology and its applications within the manufacturing arena. For those curious about AM, it will be time well spent. Click here for more information on the agenda and registration details. 

Posted by: Miles Free 14. May 2015

Reasons Why Steel is Vacuum Treated


Vacuum treated (vacuum degassed) steel is used for critical applications that require steel with an exceptionally high degree of structural uniformity, internal soundness, and other characteristics that may be impaired by the effects of uncontrolled amounts of dissolved gases. Vacuum degassing treatments, along with various deoxidation practices, are specified to control the amounts of dissolved gases in the steel. The benefits of vacuum treatment include:

  1. Reduced hydrogen content, which reduces steel’s tendency to “flake” or become “embrittled.”
  2. Reduced oxygen content, which makes it easier for the steel to conform to restrictive microcleanliness requirements.
  3. Improved recovery and uniformity of alloying elements and other additive distribution.
  4. More controlled steel composition.
  5. Higher and more uniform transverse ductility, improved fatigue resistance, and improved high temperature performance.
  6. Can be used to achieve exceptionally low carbon content that are otherwise unobtainable by conventional means.

What are some situations where vacuum treatment is employed?

  • Large forgings and large cross sections where hydrogen would otherwise remain and contribute to flaking and embrittlement.
  • Bearings where uniformity throughout the section is important for critical performance.
  • Inverted delta, human critical safety applications where steel toughness and performance place high demands on the steel’s properties in all directions.

The removal of oxygen by degassing is a challenge for the steelmaker, because this element is extremely reactive: It can exist in the steel in many forms, such as free oxygen; it can dissolve in the melt as a soluble nonmetallic oxide; it can combine with carbon to form gaseous oxides; and it can exist as complex oxides in the accompanying slags and refractories in the process.


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