80 Tech Tips Added to FeatureCAM Website

Delcam has created a section on its website that includes technical tips for all aspects of programming within its FeatureCAM software.



Delcam has created a section for technical tips on the website for its FeatureCAM feature-based programming software. More than 80 tips are listed in the new section, which is located at featurecam.com/techtips.

The tips aim to help users with all aspects of programming within FeatureCAM, including milling, drilling, turning, creating geometry, simulation, and generating NC code. Each tip is saved as a .pdf file that can be read online or downloaded for future use.

The tips complement the videos that are produced for the software’s Learning Zone, which demonstrate extra functionality that has been added to each new release of the program.

The feature-based programming software now offers a range of programs for milling, turning, wire EDM and mill-turn, all with the same interface style designed to be easy to use to minimize training times.