Fire Suppression System Onboard a Grinding Machine

The Sinorix 227 fire suppression system onboard this Reishauer grinder (above) at Custom Gear & Machine Inc. (Rosco, Ill.) protects the operator and machine tool.


In last month’s Inbox Insight e-newsletter, I wrote about fire suppression systems and the important role they should play in every machine shop. I was reminded about this once again when a press release from Siemens popped into my inbox. By profiling the Sinorix 227 fire suppression system that Custom Gear & Machine uses on its Reishauer grinder (above), Siemens reaffirmed the necessity of such a system to protect both operator and machine tool.

The self-powered electronic detection system is designed to immediately extinguish a fire, using an inert and non-contaminating agent that allows the machine to be up and running in less than 24 hours, according to the manufacturer, with no harm done to the machinist or machine.