New Workholding Equipment Fixes Chatter and Other Problems

Keeping up with the latest and best processes is important for any shop, even one that produces a product that has been manufactured since the Industrial Revolution.


The chuck and clamping head is designed to permit the barstock, that will become the barrel of a a gun, to be fed through the center. 

CMMG, a manufacturer of AR-15 rifles in Fayette, Missouri, was having issues with loss of rigidity on the CNC lathes used to turn its gun barrels. Speeds, feeds and depths of cut were below optimal as well, and clamping pressure was inconsistent, causing chatter. The staff decided to partner with Hainbuch America Corp. for new workholding equipment. The new equipment consists of gripping, extracting and clamping. To learn more, read the entire story, “Precision Workholding Keeps Quality High for Gun Manufacturer,” here