Strolling Through the Schwaben

Last month, I was invited to visit Heller in Germany.


More than 800 guests from 20 countries attended the Heller WerkTage held last month at the company’s headquarters in Nurtingen, Germany.

The area near Stuttgart, Germany, is replete with metalworking manufacturing. After all, it’s often referred to as the Detroit of Germany, with major automotive manufacturers and various tiered suppliers located in this region.

Last month, I was invited to visit one of those manufacturers, Heller, which is located in Nurtingen. They make a successful line of machining centers for automotive and other industries.

The company’s main value-add for its customers is extremely high torque spindle motor five-axis machining that, when well applied, provide very high metal removal rates. The company has been around for 120 years, so they seem to know what they are doing.

The event I attended was called WerkTage and ran from May 14-16. Attendance was more than 800 visitors from 20 different countries. This was the 7th edition of the open house.

In the U.S., Heller is located in Troy, Michigan, and can be contacted by clicking here.