Posted by: 25. October 2013

VIDEO: Seeing is Believing

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then perhaps a video is worth a thousand pictures. To that end, Hurco has partnered with Sandvik Coromant and with support from SME to produce a new reality web series. Called CycleStart, it was created to attract young people to the machinist trade and features machinists in their environment.

The hope is to illustrate what a career in machining actually entails and in doing so dispel some of the misconceptions that many young people may hold. By showing what a modern machinist does and hearing about the job from a machinist, young people can learn how important the job is and some of the numerous career paths that can spin off of machining.

With shops across North America suffering from a lack of machinists, the company feels this new web series would be a great way to get the next generation interested in a career in the skilled trades. Above is the first in this new series. The episode features Adam, a machinist for S3 Industries in Ontario, Canada. In this episode, he manufactures an aluminum part for the telecommunications industry using a three-axis CNC mill. 

You can watch current episodes on CycleStart's YouTube page.

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