Milling and Turning with Automatic Tool Changing

The Integrex j-Series performs four-axis simultaneous machining with five-axis tool tip positioning.

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The Integrex j-Series performs four-axis simultaneous machining with five-axis tool tip positioning. These capabilities provide significant advantages in productivity, accuracy and flexibility, the company says. Unlike multitasking machines with a drum-type turret, this machine accommodates 20 tools in a tool magazine (36- and 72-tool magazines are optional) The 7.5 hp, 12,000-rpm milling spindle can be indexed in 5-degree (or optional 1-degree) increments from -30 degrees to +190 degrees (B-axis control), making it possible to perform outer diameter machining, as well as turning, facing, grooving and threading with the same flash tool. It also makes it possible to perform incline machining and other conventional machining processes. The milling spindle can be radially indexed and clamped, enabling the same tool to be used for turning in both forward and reverse directions. The main turning spindle with C-axis control features an 8" chuck mounted on a 15 hp, 5,000 rpm integral spindle motor that generates 119 foot pounds of torque.
The machine offers a maximum machining diameter and length of 19.7" with minimum tool interference for large workpieces. Axes strokes of 17.7" in X and 7.87" in Y allow face milling, end milling and drilling to be performed above and below the centerline without C-axis indexing. In addition, the builder says that the true Y-axis design allows for a larger machine envelope and tool reach, reduced interference and excellent chip evacuation when compared to conventional machines. According to the builder, positioning repeatability of tool tips is better than 0.00004", and double ballbar testing that is within 0.0003".
The Matrix Nexus CNC system allows for both conversational and EIA/ISO programming, and facilitates programming for C-axis, Y-axis and angle machining. The control system also provides realistic 3D machining simulations, time-study analysis and a Voice Advisor, which assists operators during setup.