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PUBLISHED: 2/27/2017

Five-Axis VMC Process Small, Complex Workpieces

Mazak will feature its VC-500A/5X vertical machining center capable of full five-axis machining with a trunnion-style rotary/tilt table that enables accurate cost-effective processing of small, complex parts.

PUBLISHED: 6/23/2016

Dual-Axis Rotary Table for Five-Axis Machining

The TRT70 dual-axis rotary table from Haas Automation delivers high speed and accurate positioning for 3+2 and full five-axis machining of small, complex parts.

PUBLISHED: 2/10/2016

Okuma’s Five-Axis VMC Delivers High Accuracy and Productivity

This versatile machine is available with an array of spindle options, designed to provide a configuration for almost any five-axis job.

PUBLISHED: 2/1/2016

Tongtai Five-Axis Machining in a Small Footprint

The column of the CT-350 has a span making it torsion-resistant, while cutting a five-axis part.

PUBLISHED: 9/4/2013

5-Axis Auto Tuning System Replaces Manual Process in CNC Machines

PUBLISHED: 5/22/2013

Five-Axis Machining Center Machines Complex Parts

Willemin-Macodel’s compact 308B five-axis machining center offers flexibility, thanks to its possibility to machine parts either from short barstock or in one piece.

PUBLISHED: 6/26/2012

Five-Axis HMC for High Speed Machining

 The MU-10000H is the largest of the Okuma MU range of five-axis, high speed HMCs.

PUBLISHED: 6/25/2012

VMC for Five-Sided/Five-Axis Machining

The UMC-750 universal machining center from Haas Automation is a versatile, five-axis 40-taper VMC.

PUBLISHED: 6/22/2012

Solution for Micro- and Macro-Machining

Suitable for both micro- and macro-machining applications, GF AgieCharmilles’ Mikron HPM 450U is a high-performance milling solution with a rotary/tilt table.

PUBLISHED: 5/24/2012

5 Axes Broaden 800 Series CNC Router Applications

MultiCam Inc.’s 8000 Series five-axis router is especially useful for high-speed, heavy-duty routing in the woodworking, plastics, nonferrous metals and composites industries, according to the company. 

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