Fanuc Merges Operations


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Fanuc has merged all of its operations in the Americas into a single unified corporationFanuc America Corporation.

Fanuc has officially merged all of its operations in the Americas into a single company named Fanuc America Corporation. The new company, headquartered in Rochester Hills, Mich., will have combined annual sales in excess of $1B and 22 locations. Rick Schneider, previously president of Fanuc Robotics America, has been appointed president and CEO of the new company.

Fanuc America Corporation will leverage the unique synergies made possible by this merger to better support its customers by supplying a wide range of innovative products and services for robotics, CNC systems, and factory automation solutions.

"The merger of the Fanuc companies in the Americas better enables us to accomplish our mission of increasing the competitiveness of North and South American manufacturers by creating opportunities for them to maximize their efficiency, reliability, quality, and profitability," says Mr. Schneider.