Honoring Our Next Generation

In the uncertain times we are living in, it is refreshing to hear uplifting stories about young talent in the precision machined parts industry who are striving to make a difference within their organizations.

We call them our Emerging Leaders. Their eagerness and fast-learning, think-outside-the-box mentalities have shined through to their managers, co-workers and industry partners. They are selfless individuals, under the age of 40, who face — and even welcome — challenges head-on. Many have transformed the companies at which they are employed, making these businesses more competitive, efficient, organized and overall better places to work.   

Scroll down to learn about each of the Production Machining 2020 Emerging Leaders. It’s easy to see why their nominators (their peers) chose them for this award. Our hope is that these stories inspire other individuals within the industry to do more than what is asked of them and to be innovative, creative and enthusiastic team members who organizations do not want to function without, just as these Emerging Leaders have become. 

Our 2021 call for nominations is now open.

It’s free and only takes a few minutes. Our Emerging Leaders get featured on the pages of our September magazine and promoted on our website, social channels and newsletters. Those few minutes of your time could bring much-deserved recognition to the up-and-coming leader at your company, as well as provide an unparalleled show of confidence and support.

 – Lori Beckman, Senior Editor, Production Machining

2021 Entries are Now Open

Production Machining is seeking individuals under the age of 40 who are making a difference in the precision machined parts industry at large. The emphasis is on leadership and potential leadership, whether it is in the nominee’s company or their involvement in the industry. We are now accepting nominations for our 2021 program.

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Young Leader Focuses on Continuous Improvement

Lori Beckman | Production Machining

In his five years as business team leader at American Turned Products, Jerry Eighmy, has educated himself about continuous improvement and lean initiatives and how to implement them at both of the company’s locations.

Organized, Driven Leader Transforms Her Organization

Lori Beckman | Production Machining

“In her short amount of time with the company, she has made the largest positive impact that I have seen in 12 years here.” Read about how Morgan Miller, a 2020 Production Machining Emerging Leader, has influenced C&A Tool. 

Emerging Leader Strives to be an Ambassador for the Trade

Lori Beckman | Production Machining

“When we have shop tours for students and instructors, sharing the company’s journey and sharing my experiences over time is important,” says Clay Adcock, production manager at Custom Tool and a 2020 Emerging Leader.

Role Model Leads Shop to New Growth

Lori Beckman | Production Machining

Under Travis Donaldson’s leadership, Donmac Precision Machining Inc. has made extensive improvements, including streamlining its production. Read about this 2020 Production Machining Emerging Leader’s other accomplishments here. 

Leader Modernizes Company with New Technology and Processes

Lori Beckman | Production Machining

In Gary Sweeney’s 10 years with Everett Industries, this 2020 Production Machining Emerging Leader has taken organically developed engineering and product development systems and transformed them into scalable, reliable, efficient methods.

Quality Employee Passionate About Sharing Her Knowledge

Lori Beckman | Production Machining

“Galion LLC has always encouraged me in my quest to grow and develop professionally, so I would like to help others do the same,” says Erica Bonen, a 2020 Production Machining Emerging Leader.

Passionate Role Model is the ‘Heart and Soul’ of the Company

Lori Beckman | Production Machining

“Manufacturing has become more than just a career, but a passion,” says Renee Schroeder, vice president of operations at Smith and Richardson Inc., and a Production Machining 2020 Emerging Leader.

Video: Daily Challenges Emerging Leaders Face

Lori Beckman | Production Machining

In this video, Senior Editor Lori Beckman asks Production Machining’s 2020 Emerging Leaders what difficulties they deal with regularly.

Leader Hopes to Surpass Family Shop’s Expectations

Lori Beckman | Production Machining

“As the future owner, it’s my responsibility to garner the respect of my workers and peers, and to lead a prosperous company,” says 33-year-old Cassandra Haupers. “To do so, I must learn from the past and innovate for the future.”

From Youth Pastor to Operations Manager: Joshua Tinney Guides Family Business to New Places

Lori Beckman | Production Machining

“Joshua consistently goes above and beyond what is needed, always looking for ways to better our company and bring us to the forefront of manufacturing.”

Manufacturing Attracts Young Leaders in Different Ways

Lori Beckman | Production Machining

Many of Production Machining’s 2020 Emerging Leaders talk about why they chose manufacturing for a career path in this video. 

Quick Learner and Hard Worker Helps Co-workers Improve Skills

Lori Beckman | Production Machining

“Josh is supremely patient and has been a great resource for the other team leaders, not only answering their questions but taking the time to explain and improve their skills.”