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Low Frequency Vibration Increases Job Shop’s Productivity

With the ability to machine difficult materials more efficiently while improving surface finish, this job shop is reaping the benefits of its Swiss-type lathes that incorporate low frequency vibration.

Lori Beckman

Senior Editor, Production Machining

Digital Twin Makes CNC Programming Easier

A digital twin helps to reduce or eliminate any surprises that may occur during the machining process. 

Nominate Your Production Machining 2021 Emerging Leader!

Consider nominating a young person in the precision machining industry who has a refreshing passion for what they do and are leaders in their organization or community while inspiring those around them.

IMTS spark

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The Plating Insight Series

Products Finishing Editor Scott Francis hosts the IMTS Spark Plating Insights Series Wednesdays through Dec. 2.

Trends in Parts Cleaning

The latest cleaning trends point toward environmentally friendly ways to clean effectively, involving the replacement of harmful chemical solvents within a cleaning process or switching to a mostly aqueous method.

Top Shops

The Gardner Business Intelligence and Modern Machine Shop Top Shops Program is both an honor for the shops chosen annually, and a benchmarking tool for all who participate. See how your business stacks up.

Five Axis Machining

A broad overview of what first time five-axis machine users will need to think about and also what the newest technology offers to existing users.

Shop Management Software

Quoting Platform Extracts, Annotates PDF Data for Improved Estimates

Paperless Parts’ enhanced quoting platform unlocks PDF files commonly shared with RFQs and makes the technical data within them more accessible and actionable.


Northfield Air Chucking System Requires No Air Tubes, Hoses

Pressure-Lok air chuck is charged with air by a special handle and holds air pressure for over two weeks.

Automation & Robots

Automated JobShop Cell Pro Designed for High-Mix, Medium-Volume Machining

Machine accommodates multiple infeed and outfeed options for a range of part and capacity requirements.


Emag Acquires Samputensili Machine Tools and Samputensili CLC

The two companies will be legally integrated into the newly founded EMAG technology company EMAG SU Srl.

Benchmark Your Machining Business

By taking the Top Shops benchmarking survey, you can see how your operation’s metrics and practices — both in the front office and shop floor — compare to leading U.S. machining businesses.


FANUC Website for Crx Cobot Features Online Training Modules

Website provides online training modules, a deep dive into a range of peripheral device and tooling partners, and the latest product information about the CRX cobot lineup.


Mazak QT-Ez Turning Centers Offer Easy Automation Integration

The QT-Ez Series has been designed for a range of automation solutions — from simple bar feeders and parts catchers to full cooperative robot installations.

6 Trends in Production Turning

Production shops are increasingly relying on technology and innovation to enhance competitiveness and deal with the scarcity of skilled workers. Here are six of the most most important ways they are going about it.

Avoiding Webinar Disasters

Putting together a successful webinar requires a little preparation and know-how. Here are some tips.


Mastercam Optimizes 5-Axis Postprocessor for FANUC CNCs

Machine unlocks faster and more accurate art-to-part FANUC CNC capabilities.

Machining Centers & Milling Machines

LNS Oil Mist Collector Provides 98.3% Filtration Levels

An optional HEPA filter kit uses recyclable E11 filter media for even greater results.

Data-Driven Manufacturing — Profitability GPS

What data drives your shop? Here’s an unexpected look at the kinds of data that you ought to be using to make your shop the most competitive and sustainable that it can. Spoiler alert — no new sensors or IT technologies are required to get the payback from these data tools.


LK Metrology Gate is Flexible Inspection Monitoring, Analysis Portal

Portal provides remote access to information on the status and performance of all connected metrology devices.


Thinbit Toolholders Position Inserts at Multiple Angles

Angled round toolholders position the insert at 30-, 45- or 60-degree angles for reliefs, undercuts and angled outer diameter and face grooves.

Precision Machining Extends Upward Advance Moving into New Year

Rising new orders by constrained production lifts backlog reading to 18-month high

Cutting Tools

Precision Machining Technology Review: Cutting Tool Technology

Production Machining showcases some of the latest cutting tool technology from Horn, Heimatec, Big Kaiser, Tungaloy and Inovatools.


Schunk Rota-M Flex Chuck Jaw Offers Flexible Clamping Capabilities

Chuck jaw has a very long compensation stroke, giving it increased flexibility for clampable workpiece geometries and a wide variety of applications.

The Real Cost of Metalworking Lubricant

Lubrication in the cutting process is often an afterthought, but its cost justifies far more attention. Here’s a look at how a shop can determine the true impact on the bottom line.