Leaders Who are Goal Oriented

This video features some of Production Machining’s 2020 Emerging Leaders answering the question, “What are your goals within your company?” 
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Quick-Change Tooling Improves Swiss-Type Profits

Horn USA has developed quick-change tooling systems to drastically reduce set-up and toolchange times for Swiss-type lathes, including those with through coolant.

Medical Machining / Coronavirus Coverage

Our Precision Machining Industry Responds

This moment-in-time article describes the challenges multiple precision machine shops faced — and met — to support customers’ and employees’ needs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Production Machining
July Issue

What Makes These Young Leaders Stand Out?

Dry Swiss Machining in Medical

Continuing to build its reputation for creative solutions, this multi-faceted medical device component manufacturer took its Swiss machining operations to a new level to meet a customer’s market demands.

Coronavirus Coverage

Effective Leadership Emerges During Trying Times

Effective machine shop leaders are those who give their team members the tools they need to carry out their duties as efficiently as possible when times are good and when times are bad. 

Turning Machines Help Firearms Supplier Achieve Rapid Growth

Working closely with its machine tool supplier, this firearms manufacturer has quickly expanded its lineup of turning machines to deliver quality products and faster delivery.

Femtosecond Laser Processing in the Medical Device Industry

Recent advances in the laser technology have brought improved capabilities for precision machining—no thermal effects and minimal post processing.

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