Production Machining’s June 2021 News Highlights

Precision machining is on the move once again with a variety of industry events, business expansions and company collaborations, all designed to keep advancing the industry — including the inaugural Top Shops Expo + Conference, International Metrology Congress 2021 set for September, Index Group’s expansion into additive manufacturing and more.

Edited by Angela Osborne

Managing Editor, Production Machining

A Refreshing Experience

Production Machining has a new look as we continually endeavor to enhance our readers’ experiences with the magazine while following our own advice in preaching the value of continuous improvement.

PMPA Mastery Program Bus Tours Educate About Supply Chain

This unique new program offers a fun, hands-on way to learn about the precision machining supply chain. 

IMTS spark

Explore IMTS spark

Digital Manufacturing

From machine monitoring and machine tool dynamics to out-of-the-box digital tools, discover the digital manufacturing technologies becoming a requirement for competing in the marketplace as well as simplifying and improving businesses.

Trends in Parts Cleaning

The latest cleaning trends point toward environmentally friendly ways to clean effectively, involving the replacement of harmful chemical solvents within a cleaning process or switching to a mostly aqueous method.

Why Multitasking?

Machine tools that can perform turning, milling and other operations on one platform offer process efficiencies that more and more shops are leveraging to their advantage.

Five Axis Machining

A broad overview of what first time five-axis machine users will need to think about and also what the newest technology offers to existing users.

Cutting Tools

Angle Heads, Live Tooling Optimize Machining Capability

PMTS 2021: In some cases, driven tools can enable a CNC mill or lathe to complete parts in one setup.

Cutting Tools

Tungaloy’s Coated CBN Grade Inserts for Hardened Steel

PMTS 2021: Tungaloy’s BXA10 CBN inserts offer HP chipbreaker to boost productivity in hard part finishing.


Up! Network Expands Service to Mexico, Canada

Demand for industrial machine maintenance and repair continues to rise in key growth markets.

Cutting Tools

Material-Specific Spade Drilling Systems

PMTS 2021: Company says system combines material-specific insert geometries and a redesigned drill body to enable penetration rates at speeds nearly 30% faster than other high-performance drills.

Horizontal & Vertical Lathes

Romi GL250 Turning Center Features Thermal Stability

PMTS 2021: The turning center offers thermal and geometric stability to maintain consistent accuracy, performance and productivity.

Advanced Grinding Technology Produce Quality Cutters

PMTS 2021: Grinding equipment such as linear-motion machines enable this company to grind a range of cutter types.

Shop Management Software

Machine Monitoring for Production Environments

PMTS 2021: Preventive maintenance management capability can decrease machine downtime while boosting production efficiency.

Dual-Purpose Cutting Oil Minimizes Contamination

PMTS 2021: Company’s dual-purpose cutting oil is designed to solve the issue of head stock oils contaminating cutting oils in multi-spindle machines.

Automation & Robots

Safe, Industrial Robotic Machine-Tending Cell

PMTS 2021: Robotic cell for CNC machines provides the strength of an industrial robot with safe, collaborative functionality.


WSM Technology to Distribute Romi Machine Tools

WSM Technology will represent the Romi line of machine tools in northern Ohio, western Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

Machining Centers & Milling Machines

Zeltwanger X-Cell Smart Laser Cell Integrates Variety of Processes

The core processes include laser welding, laser marking, leak testing and machine tool loading.

Cutting Tools

Two-Axis CNC Attachments for Acmes

PMTS 2021: Attachments are capable of handling single point threading, contour turning, special boring and triple start threading.

CNC & Machine Controls

Microprocessor Controls Provide Real-Time Production Data

PMTS 2021: LoganNet is also capable of tying into a 5-stack light system for visual control.

Cutting Tools

MS Geometry Insert Provides Stable Drilling in Challenging Applications

The MS geometry insert gives users a versatile tool for drilling stainless steel and super alloys.

Parts Cleaning

Automatic Cleaning System Designed for Efficiency

PMTS 2021: MecanoFast one-piece flow cleaning system can be integrated into production lines and perform a complete cleaning cycle (including drying) in 30 seconds.

Automation & Robots

United Grinding Adds New Robotic Automation Option for Rebuilt Walter Grinders

Customers with older Walter Helitronic Power Series tool grinding machines have option of adding advanced automation technology retrofitted as part of a machine rebuild.


High QA, Verisurf Partner to Streamline Quality Inspection Workflows

Integrated solution automates measurement, inspection and reporting process on shop floor, providing real-time comparisons of finished parts to 3D CAD models, annotated PDFs and 2D drawings.

Mist Collectors Available with Pre-Filtration

PMTS 2021: Options for this company’s mist collectors includes a pre-filtration box to widen service intervals.