MFG Day Events Seek to Change Perceptions of Manufacturing

The grassroots movement encourages companies feeling the effects of the skills gap to open their doors to the community and show what modern manufacturing is really like.

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More Productive than CNC Swiss-Type Lathes

More than 40 percent of the parts cut on CNC Swiss-type lathes can be made on CNC multi-spindle lathes at a fraction of the cost. While more expensive, CNC multi-spindle machines can turn and mill parts up to six times faster and from standard barstock.

Inspection & Measurement Equipment / Micromachining

Micromachining is About Precision

Holding tolerances on very small part features is not for the faint of heart. The skill is not only in the machining, but cleaning and inspection as well.

Production Machining
September Issue

Making It on a CNC Eight-Spindle

The Fundamentals of Chip Control

Having strategies in place for managing chips is an important part of protecting the production process, from tool life to product quality.

Multi-Spindle Screw Machines

Taking CNC Multis to a New Level

A visit to EMO, should be on the top of anyone’s list to see the latest in machining technology.

Knowledge Centers

Knowledge Centers are well organized collections of practical information on specific topics. This is the place to go to get grounded on technologies and best practice.

The Advantages of Direct-Drive Technology for Manufacturing

Direct-drive technology, the force of a motor being directly applied to a mechanism without any intermediate drivetrain such as a gearbox or toothed belt, has been around for more than 40 years, but some machine builders still may not fully appreciate its benefits.

Production Machining 2018 Emerging Leaders

Young professionals are a vital asset to the precision machined parts industry, and it is important to acknowledge those who are making strides toward shaping the industry’s future. Production Machining is recognizing our industry’s young talent who were nominated by their peers through our new Emerging Leaders program.

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