KC SmartPort Briefing Examines Industry 4.0

KC SmartPort held its seventh annual industry briefing featuring a panel of manufacturing industry leaders discussing how the rapidly changing field is moving toward automation, with big data facilitating breakthroughs in process improvement.

Turn/Mill & Multitasking Machines / Turn/Mill Machines

The Impact of Multitasking in Today’s Shops

As the technology behind multitasking machines continues to advance, shops are reaping the benefits.


Why Honing Oils Matter

Like any metalworking process, honing relies on a systemized approach of components working in concert to deliver optimized results. Honing oil is one of these critical components, and this article examines the role it plays in a successful honing operation. 

Production Machining
April Issue

Software Enhances Cutting Tool Performance

Selecting the Right Milling Tool

High-performance milling cutters combine high cutting data with long tool life and contribute to an increase in the productivity of manufacturing processes and to a more favorable cost structure, but certain factors must be considered when selecting tools.

Parts Cleaning Equipment

The Right Chemistry Can Improve a Parts Cleaning Process

The correct combination of factors should help you meet production, quality, personnel safety and environmental requirements. 

Knowledge Centers

Knowledge Centers are well organized collections of practical information on specific topics. This is the place to go to get grounded on technologies and best practice.

Cobots Are Coming to the Precision-Turned Parts Industry

The international bar turning machine tool show, Simodec 2018, held March 6-9 in La Roche-Sur-Foron, France, focused on man-machine interaction, connected machining, Industry 4.0 and automation, robotics and particularly cobotics.

Mill-Turn Saves Time and Meets Market Demands

The Siemens Norwood Large Drives motor factory reduced setup times and met customer demand by purchasing a WFL M80 mill-turn capable of fluting, a process that can remove 60 percent more material with each pass than existing machines’ welding capabilities. 


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