Mazak Highlights New Technology at Discover 2019

Mazak's Discover 2019, held in November, featured 30 machining systems that are new to the North American market.
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Using Advanced CNC Technology to Overcome Labor Shortages

Many technology innovations in CNC machine tools can ease the burden of the skills gap, including the CNC lathes and multi-spindle machines from INDEX.

Aerospace and Automotive Continue to Provide Growth and Opportunity

This year has been one of transition for manufacturing. But research from Gardner Intelligence indicates that some markets, such as automotive and aerospace, are showing positive signs for 2020.

Production Machining
December Issue

Additive Moves to Full Production

Making Stainless More Machinable

This article gives tips on how to further the enhancement of stainless steel machinability. 

Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing Advances to Production

As additive manufacturing technology progresses and its use grows, it has become an accepted production process. Here are some applications for full production additive, and how the industry is achieving it.

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7 Causes of Quench Cracking in Steel

Failures of steel parts in service or production occur infrequently. However, when steel parts fail, the consequences are dire. Here are seven ways that steel can fail as a result of quench cracking from heat treatment.

Deal Differently with Certainty, Risk and Uncertainty

Let's take a look at the differences between certainty, risk and uncertainty, examples of each, and how we make decisions when faced with these situations. 

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