Geared Up for Quality

This shop realized that its part inspection station worked fine for smaller lot sizes, but it was inadequate for the shop’s high volumes. But after investing in an image dimension system that measures multiple part features simultaneously, the company can use the measurement unit on other jobs as well. 

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CNC & Machine Controls / Screw Machines - Swiss-Type

Making Parts on A Swiss/Laser Machine

Adding laser cutting to Swiss-type machining is helping this shop do more work for its customers in the medical industry. 

Production Machining
March Issue

Laser Cutting on a Swiss-Type

Five Steps to Digital Manufacturing

Industry 4.0, what some call the fourth industrial revolution, is a move this last decade toward digitization.


Critical Steels for Critical Markets

I recently had the opportunity to travel to Sweden to visit three of Ovako’s steel mill facilities. Ovako’s production comprises primarily bar, tube, ring and pre-components in low-alloy steels that are often used for demanding applications such as in bearings, powertrains, hydraulic cylinders and rock drills.


Knowledge Centers

Knowledge Centers are well organized collections of practical information on specific topics. This is the place to go to get grounded on technologies and best practice.

Captive Shop Must Still Compete

Often, a captive shop seems to have it made by job shop standards. In the case of this division of ITW Welding, “work is not given, it’s earned.”

CNC Broaching with a Driven Broach Head

A high-volume OEM for motor shafts switched its keyway broaching process to use the lathe's live tooling capabilities, improving cycle times and reaching the recommended surface feet per minute.

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