5 Reasons to Attend the Smart Manufacturing Experience

Organized by AMT—The Association For Manufacturing Technology, the Smart Manufacturing Experience provides hands-on, live technology demonstrations, active learning labs, collaborative technical workshops and tours of smart factories.

CAD, CAM and Related Software / CAM for Production Machining

Consider the Software Side of Cutting Tools

The intersection of the cutting tool and the workpiece it is applied to represents the very heart of subtractive metalworking. There is a significant amount of technology behind getting the cutting tool into the right place, at the right speed and the correct depth of cut. This article looks at some of the software technology that can optimize the performance of the cutting tool.

ERP, Management and Related Software

Scheduling Software Helps Shop Protect Due Dates

Saturn Industries Inc., a shop that designs and fabricates EDM electrodes, was struggling with staying on time using its ERP system. LillyWorks’ Protected Flow Manufacturing scheduling software provided a solution to this challenge.

Production Machining
April Issue

Software Enhances Cutting Tool Performance

Aerospace Roundup: Are OEMs Consolidating Suppliers?

Production Machining interviews six industry veterans to ask about an aerospace manufacturing trend that involves OEMs consolidating suppliers to get a feel for what this means for the future of their businesses. 

CAD, CAM and Related Software / CAM for Production Machining

Capitalizing on B Axis for Optimization

Any opportunity to save time in the production process should be considered for its potential to increase profit. CAM vendors are developing new tools and refining existing ones to help optimize processes in multiple areas on the shop floor.


Knowledge Centers

Knowledge Centers are well organized collections of practical information on specific topics. This is the place to go to get grounded on technologies and best practice.

Making Parts on a Swiss/Laser Machine

Adding laser cutting to Swiss-type machining is helping this shop do more work for its customers in the medical industry. 

A Beginner’s Guide to Automation

While many shops are enjoying the production benefits of robotic part handling, others are struggling to tackle the first steps of implementation. Here’s a basic guide to help provide clarity on where to begin.

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