Production Machining April 2021
April 2021 | Digital Edition

Laser Technology "Turns" into a Turning Tool

This new technology uses a laser to act as a cutting tool to "turn" parts from solid barstock. This high-speed precision turning machine is especially useful for micromachining, enabling high accuracy for small, complex parts that are often delicate and difficult to machine when implementing conventional turning processes.
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Custom Tooling, Workholding Help Whip Rotors Into Shape

Whipple Superchargers uses unique form tools and dead-length-collet workholding for its B-axis turn-mill enabling it to create more accurate rotors for its brand of engine power-adders.


Swiss Shop Chooses CAM Over Hand Programming

This shop’s manual (by hand) CNC programming was slowing it down until it discovered a CAM software for Swiss-type lathes. 

Understanding – and Machining – Ultra-Clean Steel

Using the strongest steel available to create critical automotive powertrain components is necessary and in demand. Understanding how to properly machine ultra-clean steel and executing these techniques will enable cost-efficient and consistent part production.