Kennametal Expands Modular Tooling Line

A new partnership between Kennametal and EWS Tool Technologies will work toward making driven tool setup both fast and accurate.


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The KM quick change connection, together with EWS, will provide a standard range ready to tool up CNC turning centers.


Turning centers with live tool stations are becoming increasingly popular with machine shops of all sizes. These machines offer the ability to cost-effectively machine parts in a single operation. With capability comes complexity, however, and the need to maximize the output of such a machine tool investment through reduced setup time is a constant concern.

Kennametal Inc. has been meeting these needs for decades with cutting tool and toolholder solutions. The company has recently announced an expansion of that offering involving a partnership between Kennametal and EWS Tool Technologies with the goal of making driven tool setup both fast and accurate.

The partnership is aimed at providing the best tooling solution and support for their CNC lathes. Together with EWS’ knowledge in driven tooling and static tool blocks, Kennametal will provide a standard range of tools that will be ready to tool up on major brands of CNC turning centers.

EWS was founded in 1960 as a manufacturer of laboratory equipment and hydraulic components in Köngen, Germany. The company soon expanded into machine tool accessories and today offers more than 15,000 driven and 25,000 static toolholders in its product lineup.

“You don’t have to wait two weeks for a worn tool to arrive in Germany,” says Bahti Hanedar, chief financial officer at Command Tooling Systems, a wholly-owned subsidiary of EWS. “For those in the U.S., the tools are serviced here using original OEM parts. EWS also has manufacturing locations in Korea, China and Russia.”

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