KNS Cutter Platform Reduces Waste

Originally titled 'Cutter Platform Reduces Waste'

Kennametal’s KNS slotting platform can be used across a range of cutting applications, including by automakers, equipment manufacturers and power generation and electronics companies. 

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Kennametal’s KNS slotting platform can be used across a range of applications. Automakers can use the cutter to separate cast exhaust manifolds and steering components. Equipment manufacturers can mill the clamping slots on shaft supports and stock collars.

This allows power generation and electronics companies a way to machine
keyways, add heatsink grooves, yokes and O-ring grooves. Customers can mount a
series of KNS cutters on an arbor to either machine multiple grooves at once or conduct multiple cutoff operations. This tool can also be used to remove five-axis machined or 3D-printed parts from base material.

The slotting platform also provides a narrow slotting cutter that reduces waste. 

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