LK Metrology Multi-Sensor CMM Inspects Complex Components

Originally titled 'Multi-Sensor CMM Inspects Complex Components'
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A flexible, multi-sensor probe system for tactile scanning, non-contact inspection and surface finish measurement is on a five-axis CMM that is providing performance across manufacturing environments. 


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LK Metrology’s Altera CMM, the Scantek 5, is coupled with Renishaw’s Revo-2 scanning system and multi-sensor technology to offer manufacturers a five-axis solution for inspecting accuracy and surface finish. The machine feature a scanning speed of as fast as 500 mm per second and is available with a variety of standard measuring volumes ranging from 800 × 700 × 600 mm to 6,000 × 2,000 × 1,000 mm. 

The stylus scans without leaving the surface of the part, enabling coordinates of as much as 4,000 points to be captured per second, according to the company. Exchanging the scanning probe for one of the vision probes is said to increase data collection rates and the results can be correlated accurately with those acquired using tactile methods.

In addition, by employing different tip arrangements, detailed surface finish analyses can be combined with other measurements in a single operation, according to the company. Even fine bores down to 5 mm in diameter can be inspected. A variety of change racks, as long as 1 m one meter in length, are available for housing sensors, probes and styli to enable automatic exchange during a measuring sequence.


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