Bar Feeders

Maestro Bar Feeder Reduces Change-over Times



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The Maestro 80 No Limits, Bucci’s automatic bar feeder, supports bars ranging in size from 10 mm to 80 mm to work with fixed headstock lathes. It is especially useful for consumers requiring high performance combined with flexibility and productivity.

Using the Abacos system, it uses short bar pushers, reducing the installation distance between bar feeder and lathe, which is a cause of vibration. It is said to work throughout its range of diameters with no guide channel change-over and without the need to use additional spindle liners. According to the company, it enables manufacturers to reduce change-over times almost to zero, cut bar change time and reach high spindle speeds.

The company has designed a system for remnant retraction including no protrusion from the machine, closed system with no splashing oil and fitted with a sliding remnant drawer to facilitate removal. The toolbox is located under the remnant removal system, and the operator can use this space to store accessories.