Starrett Tools Support Transitioning to Industry 4.0

Originally titled 'Metrology Tools that Support Transitioning to Industry 4.0'
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Eastec 2019: Starrett's metrology solutions range from vision technology, optical measuring systems and more. 


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Starrett's metrology solutions range from vision technology and optical measuring systems, to force testing equipment, surface measurement, hardness testing, electronic digital measuring tools and wireless data collection support manufacturing’s transition to Industry 4.0.

These solutions include the HVR100 “Flip” digital video system that works either vertically or horizontally. It features a large field-of-vision that is said to automatically recognize parts. Also, the AVR300 automatic vision system is especially useful for repetitive measuring. The company’s HDV500 horizontal digital video comparator system combines vision and optical comparator technology, with an interchangeable lens mounting system, real-time video edge detection and more. The KineMic KMR-FOV-M3 video microscope is useful when a range of magnifications are required.

A range of precision measuring tools include electronic digital micrometers, indicators, height gages and Bluetooth-enabled bore gages for wireless data acquisition via data collection devices such as the company’s DataSure system. Wireless acquisition supports data-intensive Industry 4.0 initiatives. 


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