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Company Profile

Since our founding Jergens, Inc. has grown to comprise 3 distinct business units: Workholding Solutions, Lifting Solutions and Specialty Fasteners.

JERGENS WORKHOLDING SOLUTIONS GROUP Continues to Provide Innovative Products & Services to Increase Productivity!

The Jergens Ball Lock Mounting System is an accurate and repeatable quick change fixture plate mounting systems.

JERGENS WORKHOLDING SOLUTIONS GROUP Continues to Provide Innovative Products & Services to Increase Productivity!

You’ve invested in a 5-Axis machine to help you increase productivity and lower costs.

JERGENS WORKHOLDING SOLUTIONS GROUP Continues to Provide Innovative Products & Services to Increase Productivity!

This revolutionary technology allows you to fix, position and clamp in a single step, cutting set up times by 90%. Available with either pneumatic or hydraulic release, these positive locking locating modules allow operators to quickly change out fixtures.

As Seen In Production Machining

Ball Lock kits

Machining Kits and Bushing Plugs for Ball Lock Mounting System
Jergens’s fixture plate machining kits and receiver bushing plugs for its line of Ball Lock quick-change mounting systems consist of one fixture plate, four extra-long shanks and four spacers that provide clearance between the fixture plate and subplate below.

Ken Marvar

Jergens Appoints New National Sales Manager for Workholding
Ken Marvar assumes the role of national sales manager, Jergens Workholding Solutions Group.

multi-rail system

Jergens OK Vise Additions Improve Production
Jergens’ three additions to the range of OK Vise low-profile edge clamps include the Multi-Rail (MR), Knife Grip and hydraulic kits.

Matt Schron

Jergens Changes General Manager
Jergens’ General Manager Bob Rubenstahl retires after seven years of directing the entire division, and Matt Schron will succeed him. 

pallet system

Pallet System Offers Fast Fixture Changes
Jergens Inc.’s Quick Loc pallet system is designed for fixturing solutions on horizontal, vertical and rotary operations.

Jergens Vise

Self-Centering Vises Prevent Lift
Jergens Inc.’s vises for multi-axis machining productivity are available in 75 mm and 130 mm with varied mounting options.

Pallet changers

Jergens Expands Its Custom Design and Build Workholding
Jergens Inc. is adding custom design and build workholding to its existing Fixture-Pro, multi-axis, and other workholding products to enhance time to market and allow customers to enhance their manufacturing productivity with quick-change products.

Think ‘Out of the Box’ to Find Answers
Jack Schron Jr., president of Jergens Inc., writes about the importance of brainpower and thinking differently to solve problems.

Hoist rings

Forged Hoist Ring Expands Range of Lifting Products
Jergens Inc.’s forged line of center pull hoist rings expand the company’s range of lifting products and can be used for OEM and industrial use.


Vise and Drop & Lock Pallet are a Quick-Change Solution
Jergens’s 125 mm vise and 96 mm Drop & Lock pallet is a universal quick-change solution that works ideally on vertical and horizontal machining centers. 

Jergens Appoints Group Manager for Workholding Solutions Group
In his new role, Steve will be responsible for all of the Workholding Group’s activities.

Workholding Pallet Solutions Include Four-Pin Pallet
Jergens Inc. range of pallet solutions has been expanded to include two more styles, a four-pin pallet and a manual version of the company’s ZPS (Zero Point System).

Hydraulic Quick-Change Fixture Mounting System
Jergens Hydraulic Ball Lock quick-change fixture mounting system combines the company's Ball Lock technology with hydraulic power to deliver the speed of hydraulic clamping with a positive mechanical lock. Fixture plates are simply dropped into place onto manifold-mounted Ball Lock shanks. The shanks are hydraulically unlocked, but locked mechanically.

Locating Pins And Dowels
Four new products have been developed to locate workholding fixtures. Bullet nose dowels are used to align two fixture pieces. The pin and head are concentric within 0.

Product Categories of Jergens, Inc.

Chuck Jaws & Collets
Clamps & Fixturing Devices
Die and Mold Components
Die Handling Equipment
Drill Bushings
Fixturing Systems
Handwheels, Knobs, Cranks, etc.
Hydraulic & Pneumatic Equipment
Lifting & Positioning Equipment
Pedestal Type Fixtures & Tombstone Blocks
Plant Maintenance and Repair Equipment
Robot Tooling/Grippers
Tooling Systems, Modular and/or Quick-Change
Vises & Vise Jaws
Workholding, Custom

Trade Names

Ball Lock®
Bock Workholding
FixturePro® Plus
Jergens 5-Axis
Jergens Vise
Kwik Strip
Zero Point Mounting System