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The Software Solution for Shop Management - Exact JobBOSS!

Accelerate your shop to the next level with the solutions possible through implementing Exact JobBOSS shop management software.

As Seen In Production Machining

JobBoss 12.0

Major Upgrade for ERP Software
Eastec 2017: JobBoss offers version 12.0 of its comprehensive ERP software for small and medium-size manufacturing businesses.

ERP Software on the Road
This software applies production and demand analytics to predict in real-time when parts and supplies will run low enough to replenish.


ERP Software Paves Road to Victory
A shop management system is helping this race team manage the constant change and demands for high performance at the track.

JobBoss Offers ROI Calculator
The JobBoss ROI Calculator allows users to enter data to determine expected savings that the shop management software can provide.

Project Puts Metrology Company on the 3D Map
High precision 3D mapping supports installation of a new beam transport line for scientific research.

Exact Online JobBoss

Cloud Solution Features 24/7 Access for Increased On-Time Delivery
Exact will introduce Exact Online JobBoss, a multi-tenant cloud solution designed to improve visibility and user control of manufacturing processes, job costs and profitability.


Leveraging Shop Management Software for Better ROI
Learning how to make the most of its management system can help a shop cut costs and run more efficiently.

Contract Manufacturing Software Offered in Multiple Tiers
The company’s manufacturing software for job shops and contract manufacturers is offered in three distinct packages allowing companies to select the offering that best fits their business needs.

December 2009 News
Sales Organization RestructuredDave Lucius is the new VP of sales at Methods Machine Tools and will oversee the entire North American sales organization. He was previously the company’s VP, national distribution.

Software Release Helps Manufacturers Thrive
Exact Software’s latest iteration of its JobBoss product is designed for manufacturers to meet tight, ever-changing deadlines while increasing customer satisfaction, providing companies with a competitive advantage that is especially valuable during times of economic uncertainty, the company says. The ability to more accurately schedule and reschedule jobs as well as reallocate resources and workcenters has a profound impact on an organization’s ability to meet customer demands by fulfilling delivery promises as quoted, the company says.  Exact JobBOSS 11 makes it easy to provide customers with projected delivery during the quoting process; manage workcenter capacity down to the shift level and override by date; finite schedule bottleneck workcenters allowing better management of the workflow; drive the shop schedule based on material availability; use “what if” capabilities to see the impact on workcenter loads and delivery schedules; gain immediate visibility into scheduled late jobs, missed deliveries and starts, unapproved jobs, jobs over estimates and jobs waiting on materials.

Quality Management Software Systems
Exact Software merged with CEBOS to bring CEBOS' MQ1 quality management software system to users of Exact JobBoss software. MQ1 helps organizations implement and maintain ISO and Six Sigma standards and respond to industry specific or government requirements, including FDA and Sarbane-Oxley compliance mandates.

ERP Software Version Supports Microsoft Vista
Exact JobBoss version 10 provides support for the Microsoft Vista operating system and also includes several enhancements and features designed to improve the ease with which job shops, custom manufacturers and high-tech shops can manage and improve performance. With version 10, the software's customers will have compliance with the 32-bit Business Edition versions of Microsoft Windows Vista Business, Vista Enterprise and Vista Ultimate. As a result, users can take advantage of Vista's new user interface, an improved search engine and more powerful graphics technology.

JobBoss Quality Toolkit

Software Races To Meet Company Management Needs
Historically, Joe Gibbs Racing relied on Microsoft Word and Excel to schedule, track and price the race engines and other parts the company manufactures and assembles for its teams. However, as the business grew, managing these processes with the two applications became increasingly inefficient and time consuming.

ERP Software Compatible With Vista
JobBoss version 10 enhancements include compatibility to Microsoft Vista as well as greater localization capabilities that support organizations working in the global economy. The software also includes enhancement regarding product ease of use, such as making it faster for users to enter data, whether its quotes, orders, shippers or invoices.     .

Web-Based Application Enhancements
Exact Software announced the availability of the latest version of Exact Alliance software, Version 7. 1. Alliance is a dynamic and stable system based on the APICS MRP-II model, geared towards mid-sized manufacturers.

Shopfloor Manufacturing Software Adds Purchasing Support
Exact JobBoss 9 is the company's latest shopfloor manufacturing software. This release focuses on enhancing the functionality of material control, purchasing and cash floow for the purchasing staff in the shop. The software features allow the purchasing staff to improve purchasing material efficiency and reduce interruptions to check on the status of material ordered.

ERP Software Offers Improved Material Efficiency
According to Exact Software, purchasing personnel can improve material efficiency with JobBOSS 9. Users can also improve communications with the shop floor while reducing interruptions from checking on the status of ordered material. The software can enable shops to meet shipping dates and reduce operating expenses, says the company.

Software Measures Key Business Indicators
Exact Software version 8. 2, the company's shop management software for job shops, mixed mode and custom manufacturers, includes enhancements to the OfficeBoss performance management module that incorporate balanced scorecard functionality. The scorecard gives business owners and key decision makers one place to see leading business indicators.

Weekly Planning Meeting

Shop Management Software Helps All The Shop's Managers
Here’s a case where free shop management software proved so valuable to a company that it purchased three more seats of it in a short amount of time.

Shop Floor Management Software Links To Material Suppliers
JobBoss version 8, Exact Software’s shop floor management system for job shops, mixed mode and custom manufacturers provides job shops with an easy-to-use shop management system that helps companies’ price competitively and maintain customer satisfaction. By leveraging customer and business partner functionality requests, this version provides users with: Web links of primary material suppliers to search for best raw material pricing; "Just-In-Time" functionality for shops that require analysis of supply and demand on inventory; financial analysis tools with the ability to view details on a report; enhanced scheduling flexibility; additional functionality for shops that build parts for inventory; links to carrier rate calculators for best shipping pricing Additional visibility and integration of shipping and financials including VAT and GST companies doing business internationally    .

Quality Documentation Added To ERP System
The JobBoss Quality Toolkit version 8. 0, an add-on module for Exact JobBoss, enables job shops to easily create, link, track and manage the lifecycle of quality activities and documents. Focusing on nonconformances, corrective preventative actions, tool and equipment maintenance, document control and to-do lists, the module allows shops to automate time-intensive processes.

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ERP Manufacturing Software
ERP Manufacturing Solution
Job Shop Management Software
Job Shop Management Solution
Job Shop Software
Job Shop Solution
JobBOSS Accounting
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JobbOSS ERP Software
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JobbOSS Job Shop Software
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JobBOSS Shop Management Software
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