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Stainless Steels for High Volume Machining Operations
Outokumpu expands the Prodec family of stainless steels with 17-4 Prodec for customers with high volume machining operations where uniform consistency from bar to bar and heat to heat are critical.

Outokumpu’s 17-4 Prodec Stainless Bar for Enhanced Machining
Outokumpu 17-4 Prodec (which stands for Production Economy) stainless bar for improved machining grades was developed as a direct result of growing market demand for better machining of 17-4 stainless steel.

Outokumpu Completes the Quarto Plate Investment in Sweden
Outokumpu held a customer event in Degerfors, Sweden, to mark the finalization of the EUR 100 million investment project at the quarto plate mill.

Outokumpu Invests $7 Million in New Bar Heat Treating Facility
 Outokumpu High Performance Stainless Bar announces the investment in a new bar heat treating facility at the Richburg, S.C., mill.

Outokumpu grades

Improved Stainless Steel Grades
Outokumpu, a producer of stainless steel, offers several grades it says are ideal for precision machining including PRODEC, 303 HSTTM, and lean duplex LDX 2101.

Stainless Steel for Precision Machining
Available grades of stainless steel include PRODEC, 303 HSTTM and lean duplex LDX 2101.

stainless bar

Stainless Bar for Optimum Machinability
Machining bar 303 HST is suited for high-speed steel tooling. It is available in cold drawn rounds and hex from 3/6" through 1". According to the company, the steel is engineered to increase tool life and improve quality when machining small-diameter bar with high-speed steel tooling.

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