Speaking of Precision

The Precision Machined Products Association has created a blog to facilitate the transfer of important knowledge that will help keep precision machining competitive, sustainable and profitable.


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When considering solutions to our manufacturing needs, we of course look at the machines and equipment that can help us to do our jobs better. We also need to give strong consideration to the processes themselves that make everything run like a well-oiled machine. In fact, even when a shop knows it can do better, knowing where to turn for ideas isn’t always as clear.

That’s where organizations such as the Precision Machined Products Association come in. Member companies—precision machining job shops and suppliers—meet on a regular basis to exchange ideas about business and production solutions that, in turn, help each other become more profitable. And now the organization has an online meeting place where these ideas can be free-flowing without limitation.

The PMPA blog, which can be found at pmpaspeakingofprecision.com, is a way for the organization to facilitate the transfer of important knowledge throughout the shop floor, as well as in the purchasing and engineering departments of its customers. The blog is founded on the idea that by speaking of precision, users can facilitate knowledge retention while providing tools they can use to keep precision machining competitive, sustainable and profitable as the external environment continues to evolve. By providing business intelligence on those changes, PMPA believes that it can sustain the manufacturing community in North America, ensuring that it will grow and remain a vital contributor to the quality of life in our country and our communities. This tool can help to keep people informed and provide a place for sharing and sense making.

PMPA’s SpeakingofPrecision blog is a place for people in the industry, their customers and their employees. Each one of us relies on the precision machined products we make. Making precision machined parts is important work. The blog is one more way PMPA is helping the industry do that important work—providing tools you can use, knowledge retention, business intelligence and developments in government and regulations.

Contributors currently include PMPA Director, Industry Research and Technology, Miles Free and Director of Technical Programs Monte Guitar. The organization plans to add other voices from its membership as the blog continues to grow.