Chemistry and Machinability Impact Shop's Success

In Chris Felix’s article “Consistency with Indirect Extrusion,” three Sapa Extrusions employees sat down with PM to discuss how their shop benefited from enhancing the quality of its line of aluminum extrusions and analyzing the consistency of its products.

Extruded aluminum

Sapa offers decades of experience in a range of standard and custom extruded aluminum shape, sizes, alloys and tempers.


Sapa Extrusions discovered that by enhancing the quality of its line of aluminum extrusions and an analysis of the consistency of its products, they were ensuring a prosperous future. This emphasis is in stark contrast to the common concept that price, delivery and customer service should be top priorities. And while those are, of course, important, chemistries and machinability have proven to be a major factor in a shop’s success.

Three employees sat down with Production Machining to discuss where the shop goes from here. General Manager Charlie Straface determines that what’s inside the product, a consistent metallurgical structure, is the key to the quality. Chief Metallurgist David Lukasak explains how with further product development research is the key. And Product Development/Application Engineer Al Wills says strong points that they bring to the industry include the automated bar feeders making straightness a bigger issue, resulting in adjustments to tolerances, and a tightening of diameter tolerances as well.

For more information on how a return to basics, paired with extensive researched, can prove instrumental in the enhancements of a manufacturer’s product line, read Chris Felix’s “Consistency with Indirect Extrusion.” Read the full article here.