Employee Structure Provides Foundation for Success

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By changing from a linear production system to a flexible, cell-based system, a shop is setting itself up to adapt to production changes and incorporate new technology.


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As shops consider new equipment and expand their capabilities, they also need to consider how their employees factor into these changes. Employee structure can affect how shops adapt to changes or implement new technology. The article “Moving Forward with Self-Directed Work Teams” gives an example of a successful company structure.

Like many shops, Vanamatic has changed along with the industry. But these changes included more than equipment. The shop recognized that moving from a traditional linear production system to a more flexible cell-based production system would help the shop succeed as business evolved.

Employees can access all the information needed to complete a job through the shop’s ERP system, and regular “huddle” meetings help facilitate communication within and across cell teams. This new structure has enabled the shop to offer perks like annual reviews and flex time. The shop also credits this system with providing a solid foundation for adapting to production changes and incorporating new technology.

Read “Moving Forward with Self-Directed Work Teams” to learn more.


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