Hoffmann Carbide Drills Geometries Reduce Cutting Pressure

Originally titled 'Solid Carbide Drills Geometries Reduce Cutting Pressure'

Hoffmann Group USA expands its solid carbide drill ranges to include imperial sizes.

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The Hoffmann Group expands its Garant MasterSteel and Holex ProSteel solid carbide drill ranges to include imperial sizes. Featuring three flutes, the Garant MasterSteel Feed generates as much as 50 percent more feed per rotation and offers a particularly long tool life, according to the company. This drill is said to reach its maximum performance on machining centers with a high spindle output and high torque.

According to the company, the point geometry reduces the cutting pressure and its 145-degree point angle ensures an optimized chip flow and controlled chip breaking. The self-centering feature forces act on three flutes instead of just two. Therefore, spot drilling can be carried out, even on critical and uneven surfaces. The drill is available for diameters ranging from 4 to 20 mm (3/16" to 5/8").

The company also made its Holex ProSteel general-purpose high-performance drills available in solid carbide. The substrate and the wear-resistant coating of the solid carbide drills are said to stand up to demanding applications. These characteristics enable use on steel into the high-tensile range, on stainless steels and cast iron.

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