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Sales Presentation Tips Keep the Audience in Mind

PM contributing columnist, Matt Kirchner, shares useful tips for sales pitches in his latest article “Sales Pitch Points to Consider.” Among his tips are devising a list of five to 10 questions to ask a potential client. Not only would asking great questions engage the people around the table, but then the sales person is armed with a litany of information to use for the rest of the meeting.

He says, “… skip the recitation of PowerPoint bullets in favor of a brief product demonstration that includes frequent references to the answers the group had provided to the previous questions and offer the audience an abundance of opportunity to interject with questions and comments along the way.”

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The 'Unfriendly Confines' of Swiss Machines

There is a good reason many Swiss-type machines come standard with first aid kits. The workzone on these machines is chock full of sharp cutting tools and in many cases these tools are close to each other. Reaching one’s hand into this small workzone to change out worn or broken tools can often become a painful experience for the operator.

In some cases, especially gang tool setups, 15-20 tools can be packed into a space that may provide 2 inches distance between tools. Some of these tools are more like needles and often the damage to the operator is done before even being noticed.

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Siemens Expands Tech Center

Siemens Industry Inc. recently cut the ribbon to its expanded Technical Application Center (TAC) in Elk Grove Village, Illinois. The facility offers machine tool dealers, importers and end-users of Sinumerik CNCs a range of learning opportunities including classroom training, online instructor-led training, and online self-paced training.

Operating since 2009, the TAC occupies more than 3,150 square feet of dedicated space. The newly expanded Machine Lab now features three milling machines and one turning center for hands-on learning, plus a Kuka robotic center and NX-CAM training station. Two classrooms provide students with instructor-led, hands-on training using SinuTrain software and Sinumerik CNC simulators.

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CNC Machinist Calculator Designed for Quick Calculation

With the invention of the computer and numerically controlled machines, technology has allowed machining processes to quickly evolve. The high-tech world of machining can get intimidating with the geometric calculations involved in creating today's most complex parts. In most modern-day machine shops, 3D CAM software is an essential requirement to keep machines up and running. Other tools are available as well to provide the means to perform jobs faster and smarter than ever before.

The CNC Machinist Calculator Pro, a machining calculator app for smartphones, is designed for manufacturing engineers, CNC programmers, machinists, CNC operators, tool and die makers, inspectors, and at-home hobbyists who need to make quick calculations on the fly.

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The presidents of three Top Shop manufacturing companies explain why benchmarking their businesses is important in this short video. Matt Wardle of JD machine says benchmarking acts as a review of how well his shop performs compared with other shops. “It gives us an idea of what we should work on, what we do well on and areas of emphasis for the upcoming year,” he says. In the words of Herb Homeyer of Homeyer Precision Manufacturing, it’s a tool that “shows how well or how bad you are doing.”

The Top Shops conference, which runs September 5-7 in Indianapolis, will present ideas and technologies that have put shops similar to yours at the top. Attendees will learn not only how their operations measure up, but also how to make their operations measure up with those at the top. Learn more about the event and its speakers, and be sure to register for the Top Shops Conference. For more Top Shops information, visit Modern Machine Shop’s Top Shops Zone.

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