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Website Zone Acts as a Hub for Bar Feeder and Material Handling Info

Learn about technologies that are perhaps the most common material handling accessories in metalworking shops in Production Machining’s Bar Feeders & Material Handling Zone. Here you’ll find new product listings, case studies and feature articles that detail a variety of ways this equipment is able to make a shop more productive. Also, find related suppliers on this page.

Material handling devices include robots, gantry loading and unloading material handling devices while conveyors, bowl feeders and other types of material handling equipment allow cut-to-length blanks, castings and forgings to be loaded and unloaded. They are designed to deliver a continuous supply of machining stock to machine tools.

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Participate in Reshoring Survey

For the first time in decades, more manufacturing jobs are returning to the United States than are going offshore. However, about 4 million manufacturing jobs have still been lost to offshoring over the last decades, based on the $500 billion U.S. trade deficit.

Harry Moser’s Reshoring Initiative is teaming up with Plante Moran, a large accounting, tax and consulting firm, to launch a pivotal survey. Responses to the survey will provide valuable and actionable insights into the amount of offshoring that is happening, what factors are driving it, and what U.S. policy changes would motivate responders to consider reshoring.

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Hard Turning as Cost-Effective Alternative to Grinding

Compared to grinding, hard turning can save a shop countless hours of setup and production time. But when hard turning is added a learning curve should be expected, as shops often underestimate their machines’ capabilities or overestimate the complexity of the hard turning process, passing up opportunities that could lead to new business.

Hard turning does have its limitations, such as tooling being more expensive and exposing a shop to difficulties with interrupted cuts. But when applied correctly, such as being knowledgeable of how much heat hard turning generates and the construction of way systems, it can lead to significant savings and new business.

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Schunk USA to Expand Headquarters

SCHUNK, Inc. recently announced the start of construction of an expansion at its U.S. headquarters that will more than double the size of existing facilities. The company’s U.S. headquarters is already its largest facility outside of Germany.

A ground-breaking ceremony was held on Tuesday, August 15th, that included remarks by Milton Guerry, the company’s U.S. president, and Bernd Schellenbauer, CFO of Schunk Germany. Ed Yerha, Mayor pro tem of Cary, spoke about the importance of manufacturing in the U.S. Other guests included North Carolina State Representative Joe John, several members of the Cary Chamber of Commerce, and representatives of prominent area manufacturing companies.

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By: Bart Bishop 29. August 2017

Seminar to Cover USA and Mexico Metalworking Trends

Seminar to Cover USA and Mexico Metalworking Trends

Gardner Business Media, PM’s parent company, is partnering with VDW to present the Metalworking Growth Seminar, a leadership-focused event designed to engage and inform manufacturing professionals about market and technology trends across the U.S. and Mexico while addressing the strategic growth opportunities and key challenges facing these markets today. This will be on Sept. 21 during EMO Hannover. VDW is the German Machine Tool Builders’ Association, a group of companies with common interests located in Germany that produce machine tools.

VDW’s Executive Director Dr. Wilfried Schäfer will open the seminar with a welcome at 10 a.m., while Travis Egan, group publisher for Gardner, will be the moderator. Steve Kline Jr., Gardner’s director of market intelligence, will cover trends in the international machine tool market, with a particular focus on the U.S. and Mexico. Pete Zelinski, editor-in-chief of Gardner’s Modern Machine Shop (MMS) Mexico magazine, will follow him with a focus on technical trends in the U.S. machine tool industry. Then, Claude Mas, the publisher of MMS Mexico, will conclude with a presentation on the opportunities and challenges of the machine tool industry in Mexico. Afterward, there will be discussion and a snack at noon.

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