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Adding ERP? Set up a Test Environment Before Going Live

Are you planning to add an ERP solution or switch to a new platform for your CNC machine shop? Setting up a test environment enables your employees to learn and train for the new software and can help ensure success. Here are five reasons why that is.


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Global Shop Solutions ERP
Photo credit: Global Shop Solutions

In writing this article about contract manufacturer Chapter 2’s decision to move away from basic accounting software and add enterprise resource planning (ERP) software from Global Shop Solutions, I learned the manufacturer first set up a “test environment” before fully implementing the ERP software. This lasted four months, enabling employees to test and get used to the system (and learn from mistakes) before it went live.

The concept of an ERP test environment intrigued me, so I reached out to Global Shop Solutions to provide a list of reasons why using a test environment to “practice ERP” is important. What follows is an article written by Chris Pinaire, the company’s director of consulting and implementation, listing five reasons.