PMPA Member Solves Precision Machining Problems

Morris Group Inc. is one of the largest suppliers of machine tools and related engineering and support services in North America.

Morris Group Inc. is one of the largest suppliers of machine tools and related engineering and support services in North America. Operating with a mission to help its customers achieve a competitive advantage, Morris Group operates 13 subsidiaries that supply machine tools, service, maintenance and application engineering to precision machined parts manufacturers in all industry segments.
Tsugami REM Sales, LLC, a division of Morris Group Inc., was formed in 1978 and is the exclusive North American importer of Precision Tsugami machine tools. Precision Tsugami of Japan is a manufacturer of sliding headstock CNC lathes, machining centers and multifunction machine tools that are recognized for their precision, reliability and speed. A primary benefit of Tsugami machine tools is that they help precision machined parts manufacturers reduce waste. 
“Morris Group and its partners take pride in helping its customers maintain their competitive advantages,” says Jeff Boulden, marketing manager at the Morris Group. “That’s why we act as their partners to provide complete and expert solutions. People don’t come to us and say, ‘I need this many of this machine.’ They come to us with the problem they’re facing and tell us what they need to make, how quickly it needs to be made and so on. It’s up to us to help them solve those problems; which is why most of our orders have engineering components to them, and we have a large team of application engineers.”
Mr. Boulden shared an example of a PMPA member that came to REM Sales for guidance converting to CNC Swiss-type machine tools in order to start producing more complex parts.
“REM Sales engineers met with the member at the PMTS show a few years ago and were able to get the shop successfully converted,” Mr. Boulden says. “Beyond the consulting help, REM Sales provided service, training and support in general throughout the process. Through the years, a positive relationship has formed.”
Mr. Boulden attributes that connection and similar connections directly to involvement with PMPA. 
“The PMTS show is unique in that it’s one of the few conferences where you can actually spend time talking about issues with the people you’re going to work with,” Mr. Boulden explains. “When you have the opportunity to do that, you can really get to know your potential partners before you even leave the conference.”
REM Sales also attends the PMPA National Technical Conference, where the company finds value in participating in brainstorming solutions for PMPA members.
“We like to think that we can help customers with our involvement, and it’s brought us some loyal customers. It’s a win-win situation,” Mr. Boulden says.
“We also have someone who is very active on PMPA’s listserves,” he adds. “We’ve had customers share with us the listserve comments from him that they’ve found helpful and saved for reference.”
REM Sales thrives on providing solutions, and technical membership with the PMPA helps them to accomplish that.