Production Machining 2020: Choose Your Favorite Cover

Production Machining is looking back at 2020 and asking our readers to pick their favorite covers.


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As we boldly venture into 2021, we’d like to take a moment to look back at where we’ve been. It’s been a challenging year for most of us, both professionally and personally. Many of us have had to quickly pivot and make creative moves to reassess, realign and, yes, oftentimes recover.

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Throughout 2020, the Production Machining media brand has stayed the course to present advanced new technology, practices and processes in the manufacture of precision-machined parts in high volumes. Our brand includes a monthly magazine (free to qualified subscribers), website, blog, e-newsletter and social media platforms, providing readers with industry news, information about new equipment and technical articles detailing the application of innovative machining technology that companies can use to grow their businesses.

Each month, we reach more than 18,600 print subscribers; 27,500+ website viewers; and 12,400+ e-newsletter subscribers — many from job shops, contract shops and captive shops that focus mainly on small turned parts production. We’ve also tripled our LinkedIn followers in a matter of a year.

But, we know that the print magazine, which launched 20 years ago, remains the primary means for discovery of new machining technology and processes. That’s one reason why we put great effort into designing engaging magazine covers that often illustrate the general theme for each issue or highlight a particular featured story – all designed to enlighten and inform. It’s our hope that our magazine cover imagery invites you to delve into each issue to learn about the latest advances in the world of precision machining.

So, we want to know — which 2020 cover called out to you the most? Which spurred you to open that particular issue to learn more about the latest in precision machining technology and/or intrigued you the most? Tell us what you think! Vote here for your favorite cover shot and, if you like, register for a chance to win some PM swag!

We’ll keep the survey open until January 15.

Voting is now closed for this survey. Read the results.