CAM Software Simplifies Complex Parts

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Intuitive interfaces and automated steps are making CAM programming easier for new users, even as parts and the machines that produce them increase in complexity.


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As parts become more complex, so do the machines used to produce them. These machines can help save time and money, but as more capabilities are added, they become more difficult to use. Some CAM software companies are working to offset this complexity by making their products easier to use. The article “Machining Complexity with CAM” shows how Edgecam’s intuitive interface and automation tools help users produce intricate parts on advanced equipment.

One feature of Edgecam is its “Workflow” interface. Instead of using a toolkit design, Workflow reconfigures the same tools, so they feel like familiar products such as Windows and Microsoft Office. The program is also structed to naturally guide users through the programming process.

The software also increases efficiency by automating certain steps of the CAM programming process, including bringing in the drawing or model of the part, positioning the part on the machine, selecting the stock model and fixturing, and applying toolpaths. The program also retains the ability to make manual changes. The hope is that these features will simplify CAM for new users so they can quickly program complex parts on complex machines. Learn more in “Machining Complexity with CAM.”


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