4/11/2016 | 1 MINUTE READ

Good News for Swiss-Type Shops

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The latest PartMaker release features enhanced cloud connectivity and a host of new technologies that will be of particular interest to Swiss-type shops.


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The latest news from Delcam will be especially welcome to PM readers. As a pioneer in the field of CAM software, PartMaker has released the latest version of its software for programming Swiss-type lathes, CNC mills, lathes, wire EDMs and turn-mill centers. PartMaker 2016 R2 expands the software’s cloud connectivity, offers seamless integration to the new Multi-Channel Editor and enhances the software’s five-axis milling functionality, among other improvements. The videos in this Learning Zone show you the new features in this release and how to use them. 

PartMaker 2016 R2 provides the ability to directly download data from leading tooling vendors such as Iscar and Kennametal via the cloud. When programming a part, a PartMaker user can now quickly select the right tool for their application from a tooling vendor-specific tool database that resides on the cloud and is accessed directly from PartMaker. The tools chosen from the database are automatically downloaded in a format ready to use in PartMaker.

The new software version also offers seamless integration to the newly launched PartMaker Multi-Channel Editor. PartMaker users can set the app as their default CNC editor and launch it directly from a PartMaker CAM session. When using the editor in conjunction with PartMaker CAM, it detects what multi-channel turn-mill center or Swiss-type lathe you are programming and applies that intelligence to allow you to dynamically align any synchronized operations.

In addition to these technologies, PartMaker 2016 R2 offers a number of enhancements for four- and five-axis milling on vertical machining centers. The new version also provides a variety of improvements to the software’s broaching functionality. The software also includes the 2016 launch of PartMaker Modeling, which greatly expands that application’s direct modeling functionality. You can also learn more about the PartMaker mobile app


PartMaker 2016 R2 includes an array of new technology including enhanced cloud connectivity for tool selection, integration with the new Multi-Channel Editor app and enhanced functionality.