Heidenhain Donates Equipment to University

To enable further advancements in metrology, Heidenhain Corp. recently donated a new EIB interface box with cabling and ACCOM software to UNC Charlotte’s Center for Precision Metrology.


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UNCC Center for Precision Metrology


To enable further advancements in metrology, Heidenhain Corp. recently donated some equipment to UNC Charlotte’s Center for Precision Metrology (CPM), a world premier university metrology lab.

As part of the UNC Charlotte William States Lee College of Engineering, the metrology lab is central to the education and research efforts in the areas of precision engineering and metrology and includes a variety of high-end measurement instruments. The lab is already equipped with a Heidenhain KGM grid plate. The donation of the new EIB interface box with cabling and ACCOM software will upgrade the system to further the lab’s efforts in providing measurement research support to the university community and local industry.

“At UNC Charlotte, the KGM grid encoder is used to demonstrate the measurement of dynamic machine tool errors to the graduate class in Machine Tool Metrology utilizing the ISO230 standard series,” explains CPM Chief Engineer Dr. Jimmie Miller. “As far as R&D with this equipment, other plans involve its utilization by directly connecting to research machine encoders to assess the machine multi-axis position and control. This will enable us to move the assessment metrology loop outside of the control loop for a faster, non-interfering independent evaluation.

“The generous support of companies like Heidenhain supporting education and R&D allows us to continue to maintain the CPM capabilities at the state-of-the-art level by utilizing today’s top technologies such as the donated interface equipment and software,” states Dr. Miller.

The interface electronics adapt the encoder signals to the interface of the subsequent electronics. They are used when the subsequent electronics cannot directly process the output signals from Heidenhain encoders, or if additional interpolation of the signals is necessary. Because of their high IP 65 degrees of protection, interface electronics with a box design are well suited for a rough industrial environment, such as where machine tools operate. The inputs and outputs are equipped with M23 and M12 connecting elements. The cast-metal housing offers protection against physical damage as well as against electrical interference.