Okuma Opens New High-Efficiency Factory


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Okuma Corporation President & CEO Yoshimaro (Dean) Hanaki, officially dedicates the new Okuma manufacturing plant in Oguchi, Japan.

Okuma Corporation has held a formal dedication ceremony celebrating the opening of the first building of its new manufacturing facilities in Oguchi, Japan. The new factory transforms operations into an agile manufacturing environment, where an increased range of CNC machine products, in short run production, will be produced efficiently. This enables shorter delivery times, reduced costs, and enhanced market competitiveness. Okuma America Corporation, the U.S.-based sales and service affiliate of Okuma Corporation, will bring these competitive CNC machine offerings to customers throughout the Americas.

Phase 1 of the project began in August 2012 when the original Oguchi facility was demolished. The new facility is 23,600 square meters (254,000 square feet) and will cost approximately 8 billion yen. Production efficiency in the new facility will be two times that of the second half of the fiscal year 2011. The efficiency improvements are a result of investment in a new manufacturing management system and a greater emphasis on automation, robotics and unmanned operations.

Products produced at this facility will include medium- and large-sized multitasking machines and CNC lathes. As in all Okuma facilities, Okuma-built double column machining centers are being utilized to cut parts for these machines.

Production has already begun in the first building and will be a highlight of Okuma’s Machine Fair being held in November 2013. The total investment in new manufacturing facilities will include three phases, at a cost of 20 billion yen.

In addition to the investment in buildings, equipment and business systems, the new facilities are being built for environmental efficiency and will include features such as solar panels and natural lighting, to reduce the environmental burden.

Okuma America Corporation President & COO, Jim King, says, “This new factory sets a new standard for manufacturing efficiency worldwide, and solidifies Okuma’s position as a leader in the CNC machine tool industry. The investment in equipment and business solutions enable us to be more nimble in manufacturing planning and will make us more agile and responsive to customer needs. Overall, the plant efficiencies increase Okuma’s competitiveness, providing opportunities for customers to adopt the latest in CNC machining technology.”