4/5/2018 | 1 MINUTE READ

Shop Overcomes Missed Deadlines with Scheduling Software

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When faced with the dilemma of missed deadlines, machine shop Saturn Industries Inc. found a solution in Protected Flow Manufacturing scheduling software from Lillyworks Inc.


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Employees using scheduling software

With PFM as new orders are entered from the customer service department, everything is put into a prioritized list that informs an operator of the amount of time a job is going to take and then can be sorted by length of time to completion.


Scheduling software is a vital component for shops with strict timetables. Change is hard, however, and many businesses rely on the same outdated software they’ve been using for years. This can lead to missed deadlines when faced with large orders, as it can be difficult to prioritize at times. 

Saturn Industries Inc. faced this dilemma last year. Production Machining’s article “Scheduling Software Helps Shop Protect Due Dates” details how the shop had been using an all-in-one ERP package that would have worked great if a handful of parts were being mass produced. But because the shop has a diverse portfolio of products and machining capabilities, the software was unsuccessful multiple times in facilitating an effective schedule for the company.

A solution was found, however, in Protected Flow Manufacturing from Lillyworks Inc. The cloud-based scheduling software bolts onto a shop’s ERP or production scheduling system and helps with on-time performance and flow problems by focusing on order of execution rather than on due date. To find out more about how one shop overcame its lateness through a new approach to scheduling, read the article here.