Siemens Event Introduces New Products and Emerging Communications

Siemens Factory Automation recently gathered with solution partners and end users for a four-day conference to share business ideas and strategies.


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SCADA/IPC Days 2018

130 people gathered for Siemens' SCADA/IPC days in San Antonio.

Members of the management, sales and support team from Siemens Factory Automation recently gathered in San Antonio, Texas, with solution partners and end users from various market segments for four days of product presentations, emerging technology discussions, and a market trend outlook.

The SCADA/IPC Days 2018 event featured a welcome session on the first evening, followed by a series of presentations on day two by Siemens management and technical thought leaders. These presentations covered the digital factory strategy and the company’s move to digitalization—the current theme for the Siemens marketing message across its entire industrial platform. The primary message for the group was that digitalization will hallmark the factory of the future and SCADA will be the “digital doorway for data” in that rapid evolutionary process, as it impacts all industries, both discrete and process.

Other presentations covered cloud computing and edge computing, the constituent elements of the digitalization trend, comprising both hardware and software elements. This discussion led directly into the program’s introduction of various new thin client IPC product offerings and the latest version of Simatic WinCC SCADA systems.

Day three began with a review of new IPC products and emerging technologies on the horizon from Siemens, followed by more intense product and software breakout workshops, tagged the Wisdom Series by the event coordinators. The last day offered direct consultation from the Siemens product specialists gathered at the event, including the Solutions Partners, who represent the system integrator community at Siemens, as they bring the products, application engineering, installation and service, plus related data gathering and process control products to the process industries. In addition, those interested in becoming a WinCC Specialist were offered the opportunity to take their certification test during the event.