The 'Unfriendly Confines' of Swiss Machines

Read an article about a shop that has implemented an ER collet wrench extension. The extension eliminates slippage and keeps the operator’s fingers out of harm’s way.


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collet wrench extension on a Swiss-type cutting tool

The collet wrench extension from Rego-Fix allows a deep reach between cutting tools to help the operator make quick and painless tool changes on Swiss-type machines.    


There is a good reason many Swiss-type machines come standard with first aid kits. The workzone on these machines is chock full of sharp cutting tools and in many cases these tools are close to each other. Reaching one’s hand into this small workzone to change out worn or broken tools can often become a painful experience for the operator.

In some cases, especially gang tool setups, 15-20 tools can be packed into a space that may provide 2 inches distance between tools. Some of these tools are more like needles and often the damage to the operator is done before even being noticed.

Locking Nut Improves Tool Change-Outs” speaks to this issue and offers a novel solution to this problem. There’s an accessory available from REGO-FIX Tool Corp., which is basically an ER collet wrench extension. It has the dual purpose of eliminating slippage that can occur with spanner wrenches, and its extension places the operator’s digits out of harm’s way. To learn how one shop has successfully cut down on its bandage usage, click here.

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