Hurco Forms Preferred Partnership with BMO Automation

The partnership between Hurco and BMO Automation will help customers increase productivity without the disruption of integration.


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Hurco VMX30UHSi

Hurco has formed a preferred partnership with BMO Automation to help its customers identify meaningful technologies and automation packages.

Hurco Companies Inc. is continuing its commitment to help customers navigate the ever-evolving technology landscape by partnering with BMO Automation, a company that shares Hurco’s mission to help manufacturers increase productivity and profitability. “Our customers tell us that finding qualified machinists is the primary impediment to their company’s growth,” says Paul Gray, Hurco’s vice president of R&D and product development. “The formation of this preferred partnership with BMO is another way we can help our customers identify meaningful technologies and automation packages to solve the problems they face on a daily basis.”

The partnership provides customers with a tested automation solution that requires minimal integration and can immediately increase productivity without disruption.

BMO Automation, based in the Netherlands, has been automatizing and digitizing the machining industry since 2008. Its solutions are focused on high-mix/high volume production to help manufacturers deal with the skills gap and labor shortage, and increase productivity of CNC machines

“We are excited to partner with Hurco to bring automation to their customers. The BMO Automation engineers collaborated extensively with the Hurco engineering team to ensure customers experience a seamless integration with the interactive operation of the robot and CNC machine. Our goal is to ensure customers are up and running as soon as it hits their floor,” says Frank Biemans, managing director of BMO Automation.