Dormer PrecisionLight Drills Offer Versatility


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The PrecisionLight program of drills and burrs from Dormer Pramet includes screw machine, jobber, mechanics lengths and reduced shank. Providing versatility and performance in a variety of materials, according to the company, the program contains conventional 118-degree point geometries as well as 135-degree self-centering split points for challenging applications. The range is said to cover many ferrous applications for use in portable drilling, drill presses and other operations.

The carbide rotary burr range consists of two material-specific geometries. The double cut (DC) geometry is especially useful for machining steels, while the aluminum cut (FM) is for machining aluminum and other non-ferrous materials. Available in a variety of shapes, both offer improved operator control and generate less temperature which is said to increase tool life and productivity. These designs enable improved performance and as much as 50 percent higher metal removal rates, compared to standard carbide burrs, according to the company. In addition, the Type A, B, C or D fiberglass routers (FGR) are for machining fiberglass and composite materials. Both drills and carbide rotary burrs are available in sets.