DP Technology Releases Updated Esprit CAM Software

DP Technology, the parent company of the Esprit CAM system, introduces an array of software updates for 2020, including those for Swiss-type lathes.


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DP Technology has released a comprehensive CAM product update called Esprit 2020. Among the most significant are updates to the software’s CAD interfaces and new or improved solutions for specific machine tools.

Esprit 2020 features a variety of updates for Swiss-type machining. This technique is defined by its small, often intricate parts. Medical devices (such as bone screws) are typically manufactured on Swiss-type machines. Esprit’s 2020 update introduces or enhances support for 200 different Swiss-type machine models, including Citizen D25, which features three channels — 3x Y-axis, 3x Z-axis, B-axis front and back; Star SV 38R, which features three channels and a B-axis; Tsugami SS38, a chucker/convertible sliding headstock lathe with B-axis; Tornos machines; seamless integration of laser cutting operations for Tsugami and Citizen; and Willemin-Macodel MT series machines.

The 2020 update also includes updated support for the latest CAD software, including SolidWorks 2020; SolidEdge 2020; PTC Creo 6; and NX 1847.

Improved CAD support allows users to better design and visualize parts before manufacturing begins. CAD modeling is an integral part of designing and optimizing any new part, and different software types specialize in different modeling techniques.

Additionally, Esprit 2020 expands turn-mill support to the several machines, including Index G200 and G220, featuring two and three turrets and a disk turret mounted on a B-axis; Miyano BNE 51 MSY, featuring three X-axes and three Z-axes; Traub TNX, featuring simultaneous independent machining with up to four tool carriers; and CMZ TTL, featuring two turrets and two spindles.

Enhanced profile threading and probing capabilities round out the software release.

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