Exair Air Gun Uses Smallest Back Blow Nozzle

Originally titled 'Air Gun Uses Smallest Back Blow Nozzle'

Exair Corporation's Soft-Grip Back Blow air gun uses one of the smallest back blow nozzles on the market.

Exair's Soft-Grip Back Blow air gun uses the smallest back blow nozzle, according to the company. The air gun blows debris and liquids from inside small pipe or hose diameters, channels, bores, holes, internal threads and other internal part features. The air gun is designed to keep the operator's hand in a comfortable position so it can be used for hours of continuous use.

Holes on the air nozzle are said to provide a back-facing 360-degree airflow to clear out coolant, chips and light oils from machining processes. This nozzle prevents blowing chips further into a part, tube or pipe and eliminates safety hazards created by blowing debris out the far end of a pipe or tube. Air consumption is 4.5 feet per minute at 80 pounds per square inch with a sound level as low as 75 decibels. The nozzle is designed to clean inside openings as small as ¼" (6 mm) and as large as 1" (25 mm). It is made of type 316 stainless steel to provide durability and resistance to corrosion. The air gun with nozzle is OSHA and CE compliant.

A variety of air guns are available for cleaning diameters as large as 16" (406 mm). Chip shields are included with select air guns. Extension pipes from 6" to 72" (152 mm to 1,829 mm) are available for longer tube and pipe clean out.