Form E 350 Die-Sinking EDM Solution is Market’s Smallest

Originally titled 'Die-Sinking EDM Solution is Market’s Smallest'
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GF Machining Solutions LLC’s compact Form E 350 machine is a die-sinking EDM solution for small shops, with a C-axis construction, cross table and cast-iron frame that offer stability and force reduction. 

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GF Machining Solutions LLC’s compact Form E 350 machine is a die-sinking EDM solution for small shops. A C-axis construction, cross table and cast-iron frame offer stability and force reduction, which helps maintain a precise spark gap between the part and the electrode, the company says. Integrated glass scales preserve long-term repeatability and eliminate the need for recalibration as well as any errors found in traditional screw systems due to backlash and wear.

According to the company, the Intelligent Speed Power Generator (ISPG) on the EDM solution does finishes and applications in any conductive material. It overcomes common process challenges for copper electrodes, including electrode wear induced by electrical discharge. ISPG improves machining speeds by 40 percent and reduces corner wear by 50 percent.

The machine features a programmable dielectric management system with a 270-liter capacity integrated inside the machine cabinet. This system fills and empties the work tank without human intervention to keep the machine in production and is accessible for routine maintenance, the company says.


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