M4258 Cutter Handles a Variety of Materials

Originally titled 'Milling Cutter Handles a Variety of Materials'
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The modular M4258 brings both high performance and process reliability to slot milling and other applications.


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The M4258 modular helical milling cutter from Walter USA, the most recent addition to its M4000 family of high-performance helical milling cutters, delivers process reliability to slot milling and can be used for ramping, pocket milling, shoulder milling and circular interpolation as well, according to the company. Versatility also extends to materials, handling ISO material groups P, M, K and S effective.

Tigertec Gold and Six Tigertec Silver​​​ grades are available, covering almost all ISO groups. The modular design features an exchangeable front-end piece that can be replaced when this section of the body is worn or damaged. Precise and safe positioning of the front-end is assured because of its tongue and groove connection with the register pin, the company says. Features like this, combined with four/two cutting edges per insert, reduce procurement and inventory costs and requirements, the company says.

An internal coolant supply in the standard offering adds versatility, according to the company, and operating under low cutting pressure, its compact length and effective design promotes smooth operation. This design reduces oscillation and vibration, making it a possible solution for a variety of unstable machining conditions. The product has an approach angle of 90 degrees and a diameter range of 2", 2.5" and 3" (50, 63 and 80 mm).


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