Mahr Offers Easy-to-Use Mobile Surface Measurement System

Mahr’s MarSurf M 310 mobile surface measurement system offers high-precision measurements to test surface roughness on small and large workpieces. 


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Mahr Inc.’s MarSurf M 310 mobile surface measurement system is designed to provide high-precision measurements of surface roughness on small and large workpieces. It features an illuminated, rotatable 4.3" high-resolution touchscreen that is built into the unit. The portable system enables automatic creation of measuring reports in PDF format, integration of a barcode or data matrix scanner, and printing reports to letter-size paper. An optional portable printer is also available.  

According to the company, the MarSurf M 310 provides error-free operation through standard-compliant settings. Automatic cutoff selection ensures the correct measurement results — even for inexperienced technicians. Additionally, a highly efficient battery allows for more than 1,200 measurements on a single charge. Integrated memory enables more than 500,000 measurement results to be stored and 1,500 PDF protocols, with an optional micro SD card slot to add more memory up to 320 times — or 160 million results.  

The lightweight unit’s display adjusts to allow users to measure in all positions — horizontally, vertically or upside down. The unit can also be mounted on a measuring stand to provide a stationary roughness measuring instrument for small workshops. The range of measuring applications is expanded by the ability to remove the drive unit from the MarSurf M 310 and operate it separately from the display, providing more user flexibility. The drive also incorporates built-in “Vees” to support small-diameter parts during the measurement cycle.

MarSurf M 310 software features 31 parameters to choose from. Tolerance limits can be set for all selected parameters, and exceedances are signaled in the display and in the protocol. Measurements are made according to the standards and rules for stylus instruments (DIN ISO, ASME, JIS, MOTIF), and can be quickly and easily saved in the device. Free MarWin Roughness Viewer software for Windows is also available, which allows the measurements to be saved to a PC for archival or use in quality documentation reports.


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