NexTurn SA-32PYII Lathe Built for Rigidity

Originally titled 'Swiss Lathe Built for Rigidity'
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PMTS 2019: The Nexturn SA-32PYII Swiss lathe’s exchangeable rotary synchronous guide enables changeover from guide bushing to non-guide bushing.


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The Nexturn SA-32PYII Swiss lathe’s exchangeable rotary guide enables a 45-minute changeover from guide bushing to non-guide bushing configuration. The non-guide bushing mode enables the use of less expensive material and reduces remaining length. 

The lathe features as many as eight axes (Z1, X1, Y1, Z2, X2, Y2, C1 and C2) and as many as 25 tools. Machining capacity is 32 mm on the spindles. Turning length is as much as 210 mm (8") with a guide bushing and 60 mm (2.36") without the guide bushing.

The machine’s 10 hp, 8,000 rpm spindle has a built-in motor spindle for acceleration and deceleration. Full C-axes on both spindles with 0.001-degree positioning and pneumatic disc brake clamping is said to maximize rigidity. The 5-hp motor sub-spindle enables simultaneous front and back working processes.

An included indexing tracer bar feeder is engineered for both Swiss-type and fixed headstock lathes. It accepts bars from 5 mm to 56 mm (0.196"–2.204") diameter and as long as 3,600 mm (12'). Standard features include dual anti-vibration devices to minimize bar whip and enable high-speed turning, a polyurethane guide channel design with vibration dampening and a large magazine tray to enable unmanned production.

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